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  1. I'm gifting this AFH bayo to a NYPD cop friend of mine. It came chromed and in this white metal scabbard, and the owner had the white dress belt it was attached to from his grandfather's estate. We know it was grandad's, a Korean War Vet, but we're unsure if this was for parade use in his outfit, or he acquired it some other way. Any help?
  2. Forgot to mention: Look closely you'll see that the stripper clips are brass, not steel. That's outrageous. And here's another shot of the 30 cal
  3. As for the difference in dates, the box is marked with the powder batch (not the finished ammo) dated 1913 and the ammo is January 1916. Strange, but I'll have to look closer at that.
  4. Good guess! January 1916 on the ink. The box on the bottom I've posted a lot of pictures of on the pinned thread about 30 carbine bandoliers, you can see more there. It's the second thread in the firearms- munitions category. And yes, as time permits I'll share more pictures of other goodies.
  5. Pretty good, but I might spell it, Lon Guy-land . The accent is on the middle syllable.
  6. I'm signing in for the first time today. I've read and learned a lot from this forum over the years. I own a small hardware store and gun shop on Long Island, NY. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more from you guys.
  7. Just for fun, here's two pictures of a crate from the Frankford Armory, not much to explain here, the pictures tell it all. The backside of the crate has the US flaming bomb image, but I have to post it tomorrow, I'm new here, so my posts are limited.
  8. One of the bandoliers was opened and some of the rounds are missing. Here's a photo where you can see the hard board silencers sticking up in the empty pouch. Anyway, I hope this is a good first and second post, I have lots of interesting items like this lying around and it's time to start sharing some pictures with you guys.
  9. This is my first post, so first, ‘Hello to all’, my name is Alan. I have a very interesting wooden crate of side-opening 30cal bandoliers made in 1913. It was shipped from the Frankford Armory in 1914. The paper tags are intact, the black safety pins are attached. The bulk of the bandoliers are still folded into the crate. I have only removed three of them. The crate was shipped as 1000 rounds, not 1200, possibly because the crate was shipped to a private citizen. It was shipped to a wealthy landowner in New York, a lawyer, a Yale graduate, from old money. His name and address is stencile
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