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  1. Thought this was a neat relic from D-Day. There are bunch of these floating around since the dealer cut the original (larger) piece brought back by Seney into a bunch of smaller ones.
  2. Purple Heart award document for a 101st officer (327th GIR) KIA on 17 June 1944 in the area of Carentan.
  3. Tan Overseas Cap which came from a group for an officer from the 506th. Laundry stamp ID'd to officer.
  4. Here are some 101st items I've picked up. First is an unnamed, Ike. The sleeve is all original to the jacket to include Type 2 SSI, chevrons, English-Made overseas bars, and service stripe. I added the English-made jump wings, 501st oval, ribbons, lanyards.
  5. Here is a mixed display. The jump wings are hallmarked, the glider wings are only marked Sterling. The “sweetheart” bracelet was from a Silver Star recipient from the 82nd Airborne who had it made for his wife. The overseas cap has a laundry # I haven’t been able to chase down yet.
  6. Thank you kindly gentleman! Will continue post some more shortly. I've got a few Ike's and such as well. Best, John
  7. Here is the Ike letter framed...The Yank magazine is nearly mint, except for a single fold through the middle.
  8. Thank you! Will continue to post more photos as time permits. I have not focused much on ovals (DI's & Collar Brass) yet. I do have a few different hallmarked sets of wings though. Best, John D.
  9. Some cap insignia too. Only one more to go on this display...
  10. Hi Bill, I do not have all the Types. My goal is have Types 1-9, mixed in with a few "rarer" ones. Now I'm just looking for a Type 8 to complete the display. Best, John
  11. Finally getting around to taking pictures of my Airborne collection. I've been full-time Airborne collecting for the last two years now. Will post more here as I have time... Best, John
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