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  1. Hi Max, You may want to take a look here as well. http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/?asn=&laundryNumber=H-3890&forename=&surname=&state=&county=&birthYear=&search=Search Good Luck! John
  2. First score of 2020...A nice Type 2 with the matching tab. John
  3. Wow - thanks for sharing Bob! Love those Type 8's Best, John D.
  4. Looks good! Here is another for comparison. Regards, John
  5. Haha, yup. Welcome aboard. I was posting the same intro here about 18 months ago. Best, John D.
  6. Agreed! The SOS is a fantastic show. Between work travel and family, I have only been once in recent years. I would be very excited to attend as a para collector for the first time. Best, John
  7. I wanted to post a public "shout out" to James Parker at Topkick Militaria. I have had many transactions with James over the last 6 months. He has always been professional, responsive, and flexible to deal with. Each and every transaction has been smooth and the items received are always exactly as described. Thank You! John D.
  8. I've come across some 506th PIR material lately and finding it's 2x the price of similar 501st/502nd items. Is the market for 506th really still march stronger? Personally, I don't place a higher value on 506th items over the other regiments. John
  9. Thank you very much. I haven't been able to find a copy in the US. Best Regards, John
  10. Roger that! I was a "leg", but tore up my knee before jump school. There ended the Airborne dream. Had assignment to the 173rd ABN Brigade. Nothing but respect for the men of the Infantry. Of course, we all know why God made the sky blue... As a collector, I just can't afford to spread the cash around too much, so I decided to keep my focus narrow and went with the 82nd and 101st. I may eventually expand to the 17th ABN too, but for now working on building up my 82nd/101st collection. Best, John
  11. I used to collect Infantry as well, but sold off everything else to focus on Airborne only. Topkick/ James Parker has been wonderful to work with. Regarding Type 1/2, look at the beak shape - Type 2 is a more pronounced hook. I'm getting more comfortable with the Type 1-9, but have not spent much time on all the other variations yet. Thanks again for sharing. John
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