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  1. I have been looking around for an M4 bayonet and I ran across one that was manufactured by Kinfolks does anyone own one of these and what do you think of them ?
  2. I have been trying for a while to pickup an original one of these, lots of out bids on Ebay, and I have a hard time paying close to $100.00 for one claimed to be NOS. Any one know where to get a replacement handle or one that looks close ? I will keep looking, now I am a member here I can be successful>
  3. I have recently starting collecting these tools because that was what my Father was issued in 1952, so far I have 1 for 1952, 1 from 1966 and 1 from 1967.
  4. I have been collecting military items for a short time. I have a Winchester M1 date 42 Aug and an IBM Carbine, plus my Fathers M4 bayonet he brought home from Korea. I have 2 sons on active duty with the Air Force, who ask me to pick up things for them of which I am happy to oblige. I live on the Gulf Coast.
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