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  1. Definitely a big help, thanks. When you're talking about the French patches being souvenir, do you mean the ones I posted the close up of (verdun, skier guy) on the right, or also the ones in the yellow to the left of the EGA?
  2. Ah, cool - thanks. That was bugging me that I still didn't have that corner filled out. Big thanks on the other ones too. I'll have to do some reading about patch king
  3. Knew that T star patch was going to be Texas based. Thanks for that and the Big Ben London cmd patch. Any thoughts on the one that looks like a roman soldier just below it? I've tried finding that one a few times, but haven't hit quite the right combination of words in Google. Where are the Japanese ones? I was not expecting that.
  4. And actually, since it looks like the forum software resizes the picture to a size to fit the screen, here are the other 3 quadrants of the blanket - One that's stumped me a bit in this last picture, though I feel like I've seen it, is the blue shield with a T and a star. near the bottom in mauve. Also, that bullion AAF patch is interesting more towards the top. I guess starting from to the left of the Hawaiian patch is probably more Brit units (RAF, picture of Big Ben). More to the top of that last picture is the 36th regiment patch that I think was Mamaw's favorite (ar
  5. Thanks guys! This picture contains a lot of the patches I haven't identified yet - One I'm not sure about is the blue patch with the star and moon. That looks like the 19th regiment, but I'm not sure about that one ever being active during WWII? Or that horseshoe 13 patch nearby either, I've tried to find that a couple of times, actually I thought that one would be easy, but I'm not sure The light blue polar bear patch with "Poland" above it as well... and I'm curious if the other polar bear patch nearby (Iceland) would more likely be British or American. Or, I guess what I h
  6. I had thought about that, and maybe that's what it is. It seems strange though - my understanding is that she knew what everything was pretty much, and it looks like things were arranged in a semi-organized fashion, it seems strange that she would have some sightseeing of Europe type patches right between the Marines and the armored divisions. Clip from an old newspaper article about it, although I wonder if they got mixed up with the number of patches she had in her possession vs the number she attached to the quilt
  7. Yeah, in the row of pink near the Philippine Division and Iceland Base Command. And one with a black cat that I don't know but maybe I'll try and track down now....
  8. Definitely - the imgur link ( http://imgur.com/a/Nog9P ) has the photos in high res for each quarter, which is what I've been working off of (wish I had taken one of just the middle as well). I just didn't want to blow up peoples monitors, and I know some forums can be a little touchy about certain stuff : ) I can also take pictures closer up if there's interest in anything in particular, although that can take a bit given the need to pull it back out, move the coffee table, etc
  9. My great grandma put this quilt together during WWII. She was a widow who boarded men from North Texas State (now University of North Texas) and then later Camp Howze at her house, and she began collecting patches, sending care packages in exchange for patches, etc, and then knitting squares to attach them to, which she assembled into this quilt with (if my math is right) 311 patches. I've been trying to work through and identify all of them - I'm sure I've missed some and made some dumb mistakes in regards to what falls under what branch or sub branch, or just plain misidentified some, but
  10. My great grandma put this together during the war years - the story, which seems to be confirmed by a newspaper article from just after the war, was that she boarded soldiers (and previously students) in her house, and would send care packages of cookies/cakes to anyone who would send her a patch. I always thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and have been recently trying to figure out a bit more about it. I'm working on a spreadsheet to identify them all, and came across this site. Still early going on that, here's the quilt - and another album I've been working off of
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