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  1. I have heard rumors that patches like these are made in Vietnam and sold as vintage. Does this appear to be one of them?
  2. Hello, I have a scroll that I can't really identify. It just says TM 13 on one side, P 75 on the other and "Airborne Ranger" in the middle. Does anyone have any information about this scroll? I know it's in-country made...but what country!! Thanks, Wiley
  3. The ovals with the tick marks, were they used with the old flashes or just with the new ones? Thanks, Wiley
  4. A question about the white tongue patch. Is it a manufacturer change, an anomaly or, as I have seen in this forum, made for pathfinders? Thanks, yall
  5. Folks, I have this oval listed as the Quartermaster Rigger. Can anyone confirm this and, if so, which version it is? Thanks, Wiley Winter
  6. Greetings, Is there a definitive guide to determine which units were authorized ACU patches? For instance, I ordered, as a gag, a desert colored 30th SAB patch. I knew that this was a fantasy patch because the Brigade was never issued such a patch. I dont want to haphazardly walk into the same situation with an ACU patch for a unit that never wore on or, in the 30th case, not even be a standing unit. Thanks, yall Wiley
  7. Folks, I haven't given this much thought until I read a recent Army reg that states that all DUIs will be stamped with a manufacturer's hallmark and read "Made in the USA". I have "several" DUIs, mostly old ones, that are not hallmarked. Does anyone know when this rule became hard and fast and what does it mean that a DUI does not have a hallmark? Thanks, y'all Wiley Winter
  8. I know this is an old thread but I'm going to ask my question!! Didn't the Communications and Information badge take the place of the Communications - Electronics Maintenance Badge? Which was replaced by the Cyber Operator Badge?
  9. Good morning, all, I snagged this photo off of Ebay this morning to ask...is this for real? I remember seeing the 30th ARMORED Division's HHC DI but this is a new one on me, but I've only been doing this 50 years so I see new stuff everyday!! I couldn't find it in Stein's book and, of course, Google didn't turn up anything. Is this the real McCoy? Thanks, y'all Wiley Winter
  10. I don't believe there was a 4th BN!
  11. Steven, How do you like Task Force Dagger? Wiley
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