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  1. I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I am still working on putting together a grouping of my Father's WWII war years. I keep finding more records mixed in with his post-war military career records and they are bring up questions. My Father's individual Flight records don't show him flying into Sicily, Normandy, or Rhineland, yet post war documents and personal discussions seem to differ. y Father only discussed his war time experiences with one war time friend (Keith Silvers). I happened to overhear some of these discussions as a child. I heard them talking about
  2. My Dad took hundreds of photos while serving as a Glider Pilot in WW2. On some of these photos have this little image of a CG4A glider printed on them. It appears to me that he must have made a mask with this image while printing the photo. I know he knew how to develop and print photos because in the 1950's he borrowed darkroom equipment and taught me how. Some of them seem to be upside-down or misaligned. Also I found negatives stored in a Kodak photograph paper box with a expiration date of 1945. Has anyone seen this image on photo's? It would be interesting to see if these were
  3. I want to thank all the people that have been a help to me on identifying my fathers WWII items and photos. He was a glider pilot with the 9th AF Troop Carrier, 52nd Wing, 61st Group, 53rd Squadron. I have finally located the items that I wish to put up for sale. However the regulation of this forum require me to have 50 posts before I can list this group for sale. Because of all your help I thought that I would let the forum members know that in the next couple weeks I will be putting this grouping up for auction on ebay. So if you are interested, please watch for it or contact me throug
  4. I am going though my Dad's WWII stuff and I found these. I believe from my research that they are Italian. He was in Italy. Can anyone confirm and add any information? Peggy
  5. Thank you for your responses. I know that my Dad first graduated from Wickenberg AZ glider training and then did his advanced training at South Plains Army Flying School in Texas. I am not familiar with the number of people that would be in groups and squadrons. Do these pictures seem to be the right number? What does TCS mean? Peggy
  6. I would love to know what these pictures are and where they were taken. My Dad's flight records show he was AAF, Troop Carrier, 52nd Wing, 61st Group, 53rd Squadron. Peggy
  7. I have finally been able to catch up on all these posts, First, thank you all for your concern. It is a decision I am going to make carefully. I want you all to know that while no one can know what will happen when something is hand over, I am aware of the many issues involved. I served on the Board of Directors for a local museum for several years. I understand the many problems they face. My Dad was a member of the WWII Glider Pilot's Association starting in 1976 until his death in 1988. My mother and I donated a Nazi flag my Dad brought back with him from Holland. I am an
  8. Doyler, Blacksmith, Bill the Patch, flyboy 53, and 12A54, Wow, I am overwhelmed by all the help. I am also impressed by how much information you people were able to learn from a few items. I appreciate your concern over me selling my collection. I will be keeping a few items (one set of wings and a row of miniature medals). I also am in the process of organizing and scanning all his records (over 100 pages so far) and I have scanned all 300+ photographs. I am now 73 years-old and have no relatives. I must downsize and so much find a home for these items. At this time it seems lik
  9. I didn't attach the photo of the bars to my first post. Peggy
  10. I originally signed into this forum to identify my fathers glider pilot wings. I learned that because I have tons of records, pictures, and items that I should sell them as a group. I am in the process of organizing everything and trying to identify items. I have been able to identify his medals because the full size medal are in the original labeled boxes and I have documentation from them. The ribbons however are confusing. I do not understand what the little add-on pins mean. They were all dumped into a box with other items. I do have duplicates of the ribbons that were stored in the
  11. Hello all, I found this forum while researching information about my father's WW2 Glider Pilot wings. I believe they are Juarez/Lampl wings. the size and shape fit and they are marked coin silver, but I am confused by the shape of the G. It clearly ends in an arrow shape. I couldn't find one like this on the internet. I have a picture of my Dad wearing these wings in a newspaper article dated 1942 so I know they are original. I am planning on putting these up for sale and want to make sure that I do not misrepresent them. The tip of the pin is missing, should I have this fixed or woul
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