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  1. Although it is an old posting, maybe of interest: Charles L. Stevenson of Tacoma was an officer of the 763rd squadron of the 460th BG (Spinazzola). Pilot. He was shot down May 18th. 1944 with the B-24 42-52355 "Agony Wagon" over Yugoslawia but survived with the help of the chetnik partisans. They returned to military control in August 1944, when US Paratroopers landed near the headquarters of Chetnik leader Draza Mihailovitch.
  2. I'd like just to say hi to everybody and introduce myself. I am German Historian doing research about the US Army Air Force in the European Theater. My main topic are the crews from the 15th and 8th Air Force and the air war. I am always interested in photos and gear connected especially to the 460th Bomb Group but others as well. Interesting place to be and I am sure I will learn very much here.
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