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  1. Ok, thank you. Wish he would have told me that before he bought them.
  2. I recently sold these trousers thinking they were original, but have been informed by the buyer that they are not. Please take a look and confirm one way or the other so I can proceed with the buyer to resolve this issue. Attached below are the pictures I sent the buyer before he made the purchase. Thank you, Chuck
  3. Nice patch! One of my favorite designs...
  4. Perfect! It is a McCord. Thank you both for that information it is much appreciated. Chuck
  5. You're spot on Kevin. I think we have discussed these fakes many years ago. They seem to be sporadically popping up in a few places lately. Buyer Beware! S/F, Chuck
  6. I'm looking at a M1 FS SB steel pot with a heat stamp number of 857F. Can anyone determine the approximate production dates of this shell based on this heat stamp? I can find no such information anywhere doing online searches. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chuck
  7. Not bad, congrats. Should be an easy research project. Chuck
  8. Interesting, but a Great thread! The EGA stenciled on the USMC camo helmet cover during WWII and Korea. Although off topic on this thread, it's another decades long debate without any documents or photographic evidence. My interviews with Marine veterans of both wars began in the 70's. Every Veteran I talked to was adamant they never existed. To buttonhole/slit, or not to buttonhole/slit has never been a topic of discussion until I found this thread. Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for. I can assure you that Marines who served in either war never gave a hoot about e
  9. WWI EM Blackened Bronze Service EGA. It is most commonly found on the Helmet, Campaign Hat, Overseas Cover, and Winter Service Bellcrown. Chuck
  10. I still like what I see. 👍 Where's Duke? If possible, can you post a picture of the backside (inside of shell) of the punched-in hole for EGA? Can you see a name or initials anywhere inside the helmet, or written on the chinstrap? Chuck
  11. How much is the seller asking for this cap? IMO, the value is under $5.00. Chuck
  12. Hello Fernando, I believe it's a modern USMC Officer's Service cover. I cannot specify time period, nor do I have any information on the maker. Hopefully, a member with this knowledge will chime in. Chuck
  13. The answer to your question is in Tim's Book. Here is an excerpt from his book that should answer your question. Happy EGA hunting. Chuck
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