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  1. Hello Fernando, I believe it's a modern USMC Officer's Service cover. I cannot specify time period, nor do I have any information on the maker. Hopefully, a member with this knowledge will chime in. Chuck
  2. The answer to your question is in Tim's Book. Here is an excerpt from his book that should answer your question. Happy EGA hunting. Chuck
  3. I would suggest studying one, or both, of these EGA reference books. I believe they are still the best updated and most advanced. I have collected for almost 50 years and there have been many changes, and, sometimes a little tough to keep up. Chuck
  4. Hey Loic, that one sure looks good...... S/F, Chuck
  5. My pleasure Cody. It's good to see it again. S/F, Chuck
  6. WOW! They're horrible! Who in the h*** is trying to pass these tunics along as authentic WWI USMC? Chuck
  7. Yes. The dog tags are clearly stamped United States Army (U.S.A.), not United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.).
  8. One thing is for sure Bill, know what you're buying before you shell out your hard earned money no matter who they are. Chuck
  9. Not only the background pattern, but also the cast edges around the globes, fretting in the globes, and outline of the continents.
  10. Wish we could post bigger pictures, but these are what I consider originals.
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