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  1. Anyone ever seen a Baker similar to this?
  2. I'd like to know the value and an estimate of the rarity.
  3. Where can I find out information on this knife?
  4. hunterman

    WWII ?

    Is this a WWII knife?
  5. What was the year or years this knife was produced? When was the change to peened pommels?
  6. Does the sheath look like what you would expect with this vintage knife?
  7. I pulled this from a box of probably 100 unsorted knives. Best I can tell it's the No. 2 Navy Pilot's Survival Knife in Cole's Book III, with 6" parkerized blade and screw-on pommel. Not sure about the sheath. Comments appreciated.
  8. I'm convinced! Thanks for all the input.
  9. Looking for information on this medal found in the box with the Eagle Globe and Anchor.
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