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    WWI to Vietnam era uniforms and insignia from all branches. I have a special place in my heart for USMC WWII uniforms though.

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  1. Good Afternoon Stinger Gunner,


    I have looked at your collection belonging to Capt. Harold Barry many times. I've actually been researching him myself, and have gotten quite a lot of good info but I have to admit nothing quite as good as yours. During my research I did uncover a photo of him in his younger years, before joining the AAF. It was found discarded in a box in his home town of Hillsboro (along with many others).


    I attach this because, as I said, I have a great deal of interest in him. There's so much I do know about, but also a lot I don't. I know you were familiar with the family, so would love to discuss if you're willing.


    Matt West

    USAF, Ret

    Barry Family Portrait.JPG

    Harold Barry - Part I.JPG

  2. He was from the Mansfield, OH area. his local paper shows a notice of enlistement dated 7/29/1942 and discharge dated 12/15/45 listing his rank as a T/4, so he must have been awarded his T/3 rank at time of discharge
  3. the next step for me in research would be to see who Gordon Ballard's father was. its possible the paperwork belongs to the son of the owner of the jacket
  4. I have a 5th Marine Division grouping named to a "Barto" I wonder if they were related
  5. Me and my two oldest boys will be there Friday. looking for named uniforms, and anything 96th Division related. My 10 year old is on the look out for a set of WWII wooden tent pegs, combat pack tail and a decent WWII canteen, pouch and cup. My oldest is looking for Veitnam era USMC 782 gear
  6. we went down to Alton National Cemetery with the kids and watched the ceremony. we had volunteered to place wreaths but there were so many volunteers we were not needed
  7. Superb restoration! That is a killer WWII Generals Alpha blouse
  8. Over this past weekend Jack and his wife welcomed my wife and I into their home and we had the pleasure of spending several hours with them viewing his collection, which is even more impressive in person, and chatting about mutual interests over dinner. I wanted to atest to his kindness and mentoring roll in the hobby. His collection and display methods are inspring and, I believe I was so overwhelmed with trying to take in all there was to see that I didn't ask enough questions or give enough praise. I hope to return soon for a follow up visit and to discuss particulars of begining a book pro
  9. Not sure how much info you have on Panaro. He enlisted late in 1944 and was a Radioman. He served at Okinawa on the USS Scribner, which landed UDT troops off the invasion beaches prior to Love day. He went on to serve on the Cruiser Macon post war and the USS Recovery in the late 40s, which is the latest muster rolls I have access to.
  10. I have an exact copy of the v mail letter. I think these may have been copied and distributed by the church or as part of a bond drive during the war. I've often wondered if it were real because of the dates and locations not being redacted by mail censors
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