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  1. No they are more like 2 hooks or spikes that were bent over to.
  2. Can anyone tell me what this brass stamped disk is on the uniform? It reads 69 SR71. It is on the uniform near where the top button would button the neck closed. It is attached by two prongs bent back like a cotter pin or staple.
  3. My refurbished PH is listed for sale now. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/299914-fs-modern-refurbished-purple-heart/
  4. I thought I would share the pictures of the WW1 ammo pouch I dug out yesterday while sorting. If any one can help me with the exact nomenclature that would help.
  5. Thanks, yes, the buttons do look to have been replaced. One of them looks to be replaced twice.
  6. Can someone help me with the designation of this jacket and the time period. It has plastic buttons instead of metal. Would that make it Korean war? It also has the arm rank insignia covered and holes in the collar where collar rank would have been worn. This also seems to have 2 different ID numbers in the collar so it may have been reissued.
  7. From what I read, the soldiers did not like the cleaner rounds because they kicked more.
  8. Can anyone help me out with this jacket. Is it a P1941? it looks like the lower pockets have been removed. Was that something that was done at a certain time or was that maybe done in civilian life to continue to wear it?
  9. I understand that. Unfortunatly with my fathers collection I have no history of most of the items.
  10. Would this have been a proper period upgrade or is this something done more recently? The helmet does look like it was repainted at some time but even that looks old.
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