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  1. I got the chance to set up a few tables this weekend at the Bowman Field Aviation Heritage Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and had a great time. This is only my 3rd public display so I am still working on my techniques and gathering a few more pieces but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The right table is all themed around WWII Aviation, specifically geared towards the bomber forces. The three uniforms are named (as are most of the items) and researched and represent three of the four major bombers, the B25, B17, and B24. I would like to eventually add more flight gear to this
  2. The seller is also dealing some fairly expensive parlor furniture, seems to come from the mid 1800s. Maybe an estate clearing.
  3. Hey all, I do not usually collect Civil War items, however, a listing popped up near me for a large old trunk with what seems to be two shell jackets, some pictures, a belt buckle (sitting on jacket in picture showing everything in trunk), and a news clipping from the war. I have never dealt with original civil war uniforms in any way and was wondering if there was any way I could check to make sure these are authentic or in any way legit. It’s listed at $400 right now. Best, Alex
  4. One of the craziest USAAF groupings I have seen in awhile. The stuff you get never ceases to amaze me. Congrats.
  5. Fantastic display! Love me some AAF and those mannequins are absolutely killer. I especially love that 452nd and 730th jacket (would they happen to be named or researched?) Everything looks great!
  6. Thanks! And yes, it is a Dec 43-Jan 44 production. The rifle is a Springfield make but the stock and bolt were replaced after the war, the bolt is a Winchester. From time to time the mannequin gets to hold it as well
  7. Great display and wonderful presentation! How many of these items come from Kentucky veterans?
  8. Thank you everyone for the comments! I am extremely excited to preserve his service history as part of a new mobile display I am attempting to create about US bombers of the war. I currently only need something (particularly a uniform) from a B29 crewman to have one from each of the four major bombers (B25, B24, B17, B29). I also appreciate the tip, I tend to forget some of the smaller details and mix up the award of campaign stars vs valor/service medals.
  9. Oh and almost forgot, a first person photo of the first flak on the Merseburg mission. According to reports it only got worse and kept up for nearly an hour.
  10. Some of the planes he flew “Rose-Etta” was the first plane he flew in combat Many 780th pilots flew “E-Rat-Icator” over the course of its 120 mission career. It was the only cadre plane to survive the war, and on top of that, was never downed due to damage and never shot down. Two planes in the 452nd were named “Miasis Dragon.” Adam’s flew both. “Our Buddy” is the plane Adams flew on the Merseburg mission One of the last planes he flew, “Frivolous Sal”
  11. Today I have a great uniform pretty much straight from the woodwork. It came from the gentleman’s son to a fellow forum member, and now to me, who was able to finally research the history of the veteran’s service. Lieutenant Robert Alexander Adams, born 1918 in Philadelphia, PA, enlisted in February of 1943 where he was soon assigned to train as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. Following his training Lt. Adams was assigned to the 780th Bombardment Squadron of the 452nd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Arriving in the ETO on August 17th, 1944, Adams would become a Chief Pilot for (primarily) Crew 3
  12. I see Justin is prepared to equip an entire company when the apocalypse hits! But honestly, very nice collection!! Any graffitied or IDd?
  13. It has been awhile since I have updated this post, but today it is not because I found something else from his service, it is in regards to a pretty neat experience I had the other week. So I run a social media account for my collection on Instagram (great place for a lot of us younger collectors to connect) and put up a post about my great grandfathers service showing his items I found for Purple Heart Day. I put a few hashtags on the post to get people with similar interests to see it but I did not expect who ended up responding. Before long I pulled out google translate as the official so
  14. Hey everyone, So this is a jacket I picked up at the SOS this last year. Plick27 and I have been having trouble trying to get a solid ID and I was hoping someone else on the forum might know some good places to start. Laundry number is M-0975. My presumption is that the individual who owned this jacket was wounded in one of the first campaigns of the 45th, either Sicily or Rome-Arno, and was wounded enough to warrant a trip back to the states where they joined the training command for the remainder of the war. The Unit Citation should be able to narrow down the results as from my resea
  15. Thanks a lot! I have really come to love the hobby. I am currently enjoying college life. One of the thing my parents appreciate about collecting is that they know all my money goes there instead of drugs and booze!
  16. What a bizarre combination of things, not only a theater made minesweeper patch, but someone who I presume left the Navy and joined the constabulary in Germany postwar. Quite an interesting setup and some fantastic patches. Is it IDd?
  17. A few brief updates as summer comes to a close. I have mostly worked on my table display, adding a third mannequin and a variety of small items to fill out the table. With all three main branches now represented, one side vaguely represents the Army/ETO while the other the Navy/Marines/PTO. I have also added an original 48 star flag to display more fittingly, it once flew over the Louisville Main Library during the war.
  18. Well today I got in quite the grouping for all you Marine aviation buffs out there. It comes from a fellow collector who found it out in California, secondhand from the family. His collection doesnt focus on marine items but it fit my goal of finding uniforms from crewmen of each of the four major bombers used by US forces. John Robert Bob Carlson enlisted in February of 1943 in Portland, Maine, his home. By enlisting Carlson was able to choose his branch of service, selecting the Marines, specifically the aviation branch. Bob attended basic training at Paris Island as part of Platoon 472
  19. That sure is a hell of a uniform. Great stuff as always!
  20. Here is the jacket I have. Named and identified to a marine with the 1st Division who got overseas too late to see action (ribbons wrong) but served throughout the occupation of China where he had it done.
  21. Beautiful jacket and great research! Fairly similar to a Vandegrift I have from an occupation China marine, different design but similar dragon elements. Definitely not common and very cool!
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