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  1. I would definitely pick one up. I was not totally convinced at first but I put some weight on it in the store and it held up pretty well. It does great with the uniforms and as you can see I have a pretty good amount on there right now. Thanks for the comment, let me know how yours looks if you end up grabbing it!
  2. Well I have updated the room once again. The most notable addition is a great new clothes rack I would highly recommend. It’s from Ikea and called the TURBO. It is very light but very well made and extremely solid. It holds all of those uniforms up extremely easily. Highly suggest for anyone looking to get one. I tried to make a more open concept for this one. Not sure how much I like the main table display Atm but it is there for now. The TURBO
  3. Thank you very much for your comment, it means a lot. I’m gonna update my war room post as I have tried to redo it recently so feel free to check that out soon. I always consider quality first, always above quantity, and have come to find many wonderful pieces to preserve. The 8th Ike is named, I’ve linked my post. It came from a friend of mine who was given it by the veteran. I was able to research it further and find every mission and plane he flew. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/332532-lt-robert-a-adams-b17-pilot-780-bs-452-bg-8-af/
  4. Thank you all for the replies, it isn't the most flashy grouping but it's full of a lot of personal and state history which needs to be saved. I cannot say I was completely dry-eyed as I read through his accounts of the march and life as a POW, it was truly harrowing and some of the worst things I have read about in awhile.
  5. That's great! Thanks so much for the help! Where did you go to find this info??
  6. Hey everyone, This is my first WWI/Post Span Am Donald Duck cap. I just picked it up off of the Facebook forums and just had a few questions. I’m always a fan of any interesting objects which relate back to my home state so you can imagine I was excited to find this. The Kentucky was a Kearsage class Dreadnaught commissioned in 1900, sailed in Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, participated in our detachment to the Mexican Revolution, and later trained sailors during WWI. I loved the history on the hat already, but was wondering if there were any good ways to date this? There are a fe
  7. and again, I apologize moderators but apparently the quotation marks in the title are not allowed on tapatalk and would appreciate a manual removal lol
  8. Firebase 4-11 Men of company C during his tour This might be Cecil, I don’t see glasses but the watch looks to match the person in his platoon communion photo. Will not know until I receive the full album
  9. Uniform from Knox, left behind when he went over Watch and patches he wore in Vietnam I didn’t mention, nearly everything from the son came in it’s original packaging. Apparently he kept every single box, bag, or package and stored them as if he had just bought them. Hangers are Vietnam made
  10. Hey everyone, this weekend I received an amazing grouping from two wonderful Kentucky veterans. The two are father and son and I could not be prouder to preserve their items. I’ll start with the father, Corporal Cecil R. Vandiver. Born in Mercer County, Kentucky, Cecil worked on the family farm until joining the Kentucky National Guard in 1939 where he became a member of our famed “Harrodsburg Tankers." As a mechanic and cook in the 38th Tank Company, the unit would go on to train with M2 Stuarts and other “junk” at Fort Knox to become Company D of the new 192nd Tank Battalion in Novemb
  11. Here is a band of the 3rd MARDIV. This was taken by my grandfather from his ship when it arrived in Yokohama on the way to Korea in 1961. I love the bass drum art. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200101/8713536f3847c88c5f1b6c9109a66237.plist
  12. Threads like this are why I keep friends in the chemistry department at my university
  13. Bumping this to the top as today marks 75 years since his Silver Star actions in the Bulge to defeat the 1st SS at Malmedy
  14. Yes! That is the veteran. My problem is identifying him to the ship or squadron. Like said above I haven’t been able to find him in the rolls so I’m wondering if they messed up his name or possibly are missing some? I am not sure. I was able to find a photo of him right before he entered service saying he wanted to join the Army Air Corps but I guess he ended up flying in he Navy. That’s unfortunately as far as I have gotten. Wartime papers in Louisville have yielded no results as of yet. It appears he was born in Ohio, lived in DC for a time where he graduated HS and then joined the serv
  15. Hey all! I seemed to have found a lapse in my collecting knowledge. Today I received the uniform of local veteran Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class John Blackford Warder. He was born in Ohio, graduated High School in D.C., and lived the rest of his days after the war in New Albany, Indiana. From what I can tell from his high school yearbook and uniform it looks like he was a Navy aircrewman during the war. I am having trouble, however, in identifying what squadron he may have been with. I have been unable to find any squadron rosters or anything on Fold3 and was wondering if anyone could m
  16. Oh and a new one I threw together. Represents varying bomber forces of the Pacific (Marine B25s, AAF B24s and B29s). You can tell I need to find a few more shirts and ties to finish this one out. Not sure if I like the set up yet though.
  17. If a mod could fix the dumb apostrophe thing in the title I would appreciate it, not sure why it does this
  18. Yes, this was my thought. At first I thought it may have just been snow but I think they must just have a thick netting or they wrapped their helmets and painted them.
  19. And of course, dress uniforms and mannequin torsos are the perfect combo USS Wasp Survivor My Pacific Trio A little air corps display
  20. Hey everyone, in remembrance of the 75th of the Bulge I thought I would spread some reminder of the cold these guys suffered with updated photos of my Winter 29th displays and other setups I’ve been able to do with the mannequins. While I’ve mostly collected dress uniforms, I just believe fill mannequins truly shine with full field setups and as such I’ve tried to come up with a few as I’ve picked up more and more field gear over time. I feel like most of them have come pretty close to completion which is why I post, but of course any help is appreciated. I want to make them as faithful as po
  21. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20191216/af0011f6aab36e16c2ee4991145fe876.plist CIB and Ribbons are German-made https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20191216/09856571c16a9e3afb775025404b7df5.plist Men of the 101st in the Bulge
  22. 75 years ago today the German military launched their massive assault into the Ardennes, hoping to split the American lines and beginning the Battle of the Bulge. Below I have detailed the service of an incredible officer and West Point alumni who played an important role in the alleviation of German pressure on Bastogne as a member of the famed Yankee Division. John Osburn Dickerson was born in Duluth, MN, to a family from eastern Ohio. A handful of his ancestors served in the American Revolution and both grandfathers in Ohio Civil War Regiments. An eagle scout and active church goe
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