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  1. Hey everyone, So I got this set a few years ago and only recently had the opportunity to really identify it. The group includes a 1949 dated transitions ike jacket and matching pants, but I’ve only included pictures of the jacket. The jacket itself has a few bits remaining, in particular the 13th AF patch, a good number of service stripes, and a laundry number written inside “B-0549”. I was having trouble finding a solid ID but now with the release of the Air Medal cards from the Air Force, believe I have been able to pin the uniform to a Sgt William E Bailey. I haven’t been able to find a
  2. Love this! LSTs were very intriguing vessels, I’m not too far from Evansville where she was launched and they still have one of the only survivors still running up there. Are those musician rates I see? Any idea of his job onboard?
  3. Its around 140 photos or so
  4. Curled from age is what I meant, how does one do a humidification treatment?
  5. Curled from age is what I meant, how does one do a humidification treatment?
  6. Hey everyone, so I’ve been trying to think of good ways to store and display a large grouping of marine corps photographs I have. My problem is that a good chunk of them have some vending problems. Most are 4x6 or around that size. Ideally, I’d like to make a small binder where I can properly store them all and sit it out when I do public displays. My concern is that the sheet protectors will not be strong enough to counter the natural curl of the photographs. If anyone had any suggestions of better ways to store large amounts of photographs in this condition please feel free to share! Thanks.
  7. Nice one! Love the 5th. I expect to see your next update including the completed model
  8. Hey everyone, I have been trying to collect some uniforms from the Navy branches with SSI and recently stumbled across a wonderful Seabee set. The seller said he got it years ago from a goodwill in Portland, Oregon and showed me the very faded name tag. Luckily, I managed to find the name of the vet and his obituary but have been having trouble placing his unit. The name is SC1c Joseph Cecil Kilian, obituary says he may have gone by Joe. His rating is cook and has a GCM as well as a PTO with 3 stars. I do not know if anyone knows of a list with Seabee units by their campaign numbers or any
  9. Hey everyone, as I go through and research the pile of things I picked up at the big show I hope to complete and share their stories. Today I have the uniform set of Chief Warrant Officer Quincy Claunch McKithan, a two-war veteran and lifelong soldier. Born in February of 1898 in Forth Worth, Texas, McKithan grew up the son of a farmer watching the Texas town grow into a mighty industrial area. As he matured he found fascination with the changing technologies in his life, particularly automobiles, and picked up some handy technical skills working on them. In 1917, the excitement of war
  10. Great group! Love those certificates, he sure had a wide range of experiences in the service.
  11. Very cool group! That’s awesome his plane is still around.
  12. Thanks or the tip! Would you happen to have the contact info for the library? If so feel free to pm me with it and I will definitely give it a look.
  13. Much thanks for your help, Ill have to reach out to a friend of mine who does work in the archives and see what can be found. If the sergeant stripes were added later, I too would like to know and replace them with what Aeck would have worn. I have attached a photo of the name inside, it passes all the tests and seems to have been there for a long time. As an early enlistee and spending so much time in England I can see him taking the time to tailor his four pocket to match the changing styles. I appreciate the help and hopefully we can clear up the MOH mystery
  14. I appreciate the help! I had looked at those online reports the association have and I think the parts mentioned are simply missing elements of the compiled records. I have other 115th uniforms that came with original documents that the online resource does not line up with perfectly or entirely. I’ve attached below the excerpt from Aecks personal testimony I found where he mentions several of these things. The Sergeant rank I imagine may have come as a last-minute sort of discharge thing, bumping him to NCO before getting out completely which I have seen happen before. In his account he also
  15. I think that is likely the case. With the unique situation of not many witnesses or survivors on their section of the beach, the death of the colonel, the level of award, and the amounts he tried to issue) I believe he tried to nominate 33 men for higher awards is why the article is titled that) that it got mixed up in the batch. In a brief synopsis Aeck wrote he mentions having 3 or 4 Bronze Stars (and so does his obituary) but from its placement in that statement (mentioned in the same place he talks about the number of months served overseas and the time with the unit) I believe this to be
  16. It is a very heavily modified four pocket tunic. He was 5' 11'' so I am not sure whether the "skirt" part was simply meant to extend the jacket or if it was meant to be tucked into the pants, but I believe the former. It is not a shirt tail or anything, but seems to be part of a four pocket that had been cut and resewn underneath the new waistband that was created by the tailor.
  17. I am not sure if he was able to or not, if he did it would have been in that month between DDay and his death. From what I know, there was an article written after the war called 33 GIs Who Saved DDay which was authored by General Marshall. Aeck says that the specific details about the actions he did and the nomination are mentioned in this but I have been unable to locate it. He did state that Marshall turned the award down, so I am guessing the citation was submitted officially at some point.
  18. Hello everyone, today I get to share with you a very special uniform I received from a good friend of mine. We both are very involved with using our collections in public displays for education and felt this piece truly deserved to play a role in that, thus I have been entrusted with its care and thought I would first practice telling his story on here. Stanley Vincent Aeck was born in Sioux City, Iowa on 9 April 1916. A grocer and store clerk with the local Sherman Fruit Company, life was busy but predictable in the growing city. As he worked vending, packing, and distributing his frui
  19. Hey everyone, meant to update this yesterday in honor of the 75th of Iwo Jima’s D-Day. I have done some more research and found a photograph of Randall right before he enlisted. I also found that the LCVP he operated would have brought to shore elements of the 24th Marines, 133rd Seabees as well as their related supplies. The second photograph is from the perspective of an LCVP carrying members of the 24th
  20. The blue paint on that most definitely looks like a backyard warrior kind of thing. Looks like the base paint was repainted sometime in Korea or Vietnam too.
  21. Hello! I was doing some research over the weekend and stumbled across a mention of an article written by General George Marshall entitled "33 GI's Who Saved D-Day." The article is referring to a group of 33 soldiers who had been put in for the Medal of Honor for actions on Omaha beach. While none of them were awarded the medal, I believe this article was written by Marshall in the 60s recounting their story. I was hoping someone on here may have heard of the article or know where I could find it. Any help would be much appreciated. -Alex
  22. Hey everyone, just got a brief update on this group. When I met with Mrs Van Diver she mentioned a photo album from her husband which she had been unable to find. Well, after a few weeks she managed to come across it. The lot included around 40 photographs from his time in Vietnam ranging from September of 1970 to July of 1971. Subject matter varies from Fire Support Base 4-11, operations around Quang Ngai, locals, and more. I’ve scanned them all and the many captions he wrote on the back. I’ve picked out some more interesting ones and included them below. Enjoy! Cecil receiving his
  23. This is an amazing set! Really great story and awesome to see such a unique role from the 36th. Wonderful post and thanks for sharing Alex
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