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  1. Yeah, the other jacket I saw was a British made version if I recall correctly. Not sure how it worked but I guess the idea popped up in more than one place.
  2. Wonderful uniform and a great story. Its amazing the stuff that is out there on these flyers. Glad his sacrifice will live on.
  3. 36thIDAlex

    Glider pilot

    I dont believe there are any resources or databases out there which use officer serial numbers. Your best bet is to check around the ETO AAF sites and find a pilot who might match what you know.
  4. The B24 pilot's jacket was entirely theater made while he was in Italy. It is possible this may have been as well.
  5. Very nice! Fun fact this is not the first time I have seen this. That lining is actually German Fallschirmjager parachute material. I have seen two other jackets with the same interior. My imagination tells me they found a warehouse or storage of these parachutes sometime during the war and it was an option used by some tailors to finish off an ike jacket. Another I saw was from an AAF Major who flew B24s, for example.
  6. That is the roster I looked through, I got it through inter library loan in my school library. Unfortunately he does not show up and from what I can guess, based on the number of names, it isn’t showing all the transfers by that time.
  7. Hey everyone, not to post two days in a row but I was meant to throw this on here in hopes anyone had suggestions for further research. I found it buried under a pile of uniforms at the SOS and couldnt help but pick it up after I saw it still had all the insignia and was named. Unfortunately the seller had no more info on the veteran as he bought it from a fellow collector who got it at an estate at a show too far back to remember. I was wondering if anyone thinks I have a chance of getting the ID for this jacket? Inside a tag is written “Frank Young” and the initials FR sewn right about t
  8. I collect 36th ID so I am always gonna feel like it's hard lol, but honestly I agree with some of your choices. I also feel like I haven't seen a lot of 42nd or 93rd. I got the first 42nd jacket I've seen in a long while at the SOS simply because it was named and I haven't seen any in a long time. Unfortunately, its a little difficult to research a "Lt Frank Young" when the seller doesn't know the state it came from
  9. Trying a new format for my pics with this one. Private Paul Melicharek was born to a small family of Czechoslovakian immigrants and by the time of the war worked as an elevator operator for Chase Bank on Wall Street. He received his draft notice in late 1943 and began training in field medical procedures. Shipped to Europe, he was assigned to the 180th IR, 45th ID as a replacement following the invasion of Southern France. Attached to an infantry platoon, Melicharek became quite familiar with the brutalities of war as a frontline combat medic in the terrible fighting of the Vosges Mo
  10. Sorry for the loss, prayers for you and your family. Another real American hero gone but never forgotten.
  11. Just got this today which helps shed a little more light on Aecks story. I managed to find the article he mentions, which was actually called “Forgotten GIs Who Saved D-Day.” It was written for the British men’s magazine “Saga” for the 20th anniversary of the invasion by famed historian, General S.L.A Marshall. He contextualizes the story by describing how many of the awards for the invasion were lost in paperwork and could not be awarded or evaluated until after the war. In these evaluations, he disagreed with Ike on whether or not the 1st ID should be given the PUC for their actions on Norma
  12. Hey everyone, So I got this set a few years ago and only recently had the opportunity to really identify it. The group includes a 1949 dated transitions ike jacket and matching pants, but I’ve only included pictures of the jacket. The jacket itself has a few bits remaining, in particular the 13th AF patch, a good number of service stripes, and a laundry number written inside “B-0549”. I was having trouble finding a solid ID but now with the release of the Air Medal cards from the Air Force, believe I have been able to pin the uniform to a Sgt William E Bailey. I haven’t been able to find a
  13. Love this! LSTs were very intriguing vessels, I’m not too far from Evansville where she was launched and they still have one of the only survivors still running up there. Are those musician rates I see? Any idea of his job onboard?
  14. Its around 140 photos or so
  15. Curled from age is what I meant, how does one do a humidification treatment?
  16. Curled from age is what I meant, how does one do a humidification treatment?
  17. Hey everyone, so I’ve been trying to think of good ways to store and display a large grouping of marine corps photographs I have. My problem is that a good chunk of them have some vending problems. Most are 4x6 or around that size. Ideally, I’d like to make a small binder where I can properly store them all and sit it out when I do public displays. My concern is that the sheet protectors will not be strong enough to counter the natural curl of the photographs. If anyone had any suggestions of better ways to store large amounts of photographs in this condition please feel free to share! Thanks.
  18. Nice one! Love the 5th. I expect to see your next update including the completed model
  19. Hey everyone, I have been trying to collect some uniforms from the Navy branches with SSI and recently stumbled across a wonderful Seabee set. The seller said he got it years ago from a goodwill in Portland, Oregon and showed me the very faded name tag. Luckily, I managed to find the name of the vet and his obituary but have been having trouble placing his unit. The name is SC1c Joseph Cecil Kilian, obituary says he may have gone by Joe. His rating is cook and has a GCM as well as a PTO with 3 stars. I do not know if anyone knows of a list with Seabee units by their campaign numbers or any
  20. Hey everyone, as I go through and research the pile of things I picked up at the big show I hope to complete and share their stories. Today I have the uniform set of Chief Warrant Officer Quincy Claunch McKithan, a two-war veteran and lifelong soldier. Born in February of 1898 in Forth Worth, Texas, McKithan grew up the son of a farmer watching the Texas town grow into a mighty industrial area. As he matured he found fascination with the changing technologies in his life, particularly automobiles, and picked up some handy technical skills working on them. In 1917, the excitement of war
  21. Great group! Love those certificates, he sure had a wide range of experiences in the service.
  22. Very cool group! That’s awesome his plane is still around.
  23. Thanks or the tip! Would you happen to have the contact info for the library? If so feel free to pm me with it and I will definitely give it a look.
  24. Much thanks for your help, Ill have to reach out to a friend of mine who does work in the archives and see what can be found. If the sergeant stripes were added later, I too would like to know and replace them with what Aeck would have worn. I have attached a photo of the name inside, it passes all the tests and seems to have been there for a long time. As an early enlistee and spending so much time in England I can see him taking the time to tailor his four pocket to match the changing styles. I appreciate the help and hopefully we can clear up the MOH mystery
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