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  1. Always loved your website layout, one of the best I’ve seen. Definitely makes me want to hop on one myself!
  2. From reading in the unit history they asked command if they could make custom caps for themselves while on Hawaii waiting for the invasion of Iwo Jima, this is where they had the custom crimson and white ones made like you see in the photos. I believe the baseball team is wearing yet another type of hat as the history mentions they made custom uniforms when that started.
  3. Hey everyone. Post is up in the groupings section and I’ve attached the link here. I managed to pick up a nice AN-H-15 last night to display with the set and for any future displays, still holding out for an A14 though. Thanks for all the help in here. Dave, I believe it’s another one of the squadron hats like some of the others are wearing. I think they had a red and white/red version. You can see some more in the grouping post. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/342468-great-woodwork-p-61-radar-operator-uniform-grouping-“the-spook”/
  4. Yes, I also included it on the info card. It was done by the pilot of "Spook" and features "Scopie" the cat searching out with his flashlight.
  5. Still works His Cold War flight suit Also a good pic of the radar “office” Not pictured are his Cold War flight helmet, the rest of his medals, a Japanese NCO sword, and his 1911
  6. Miller is wearing a crimson red cap in this photo, apparently they asked command if they could make special ones for the squadron (their P61s were marked with crimson highlights) and they ended up getting approved. Unfortunately “Spook II” was lost before a photo could be taken according to Miller. It was painted the same. This is their third plane, note the parachutes painted on the side to represent their escape. “Anonymous” landing at Ie Shima The squadron baseball team, Miller is the far right kneeling Miller in his last flight before retirement The following were kept by t
  7. Miller and Bodes training stateside, Miller on left Skeet shooting in Hawaii Boxes, Miler, and their gunner. They made the squadron sign on Iwo Jima Only known photo of a P61 with a B29, taken of “Spook” from a B29 they were guiding to Iwo Jima The crash of “Spook” Damage to “Midnite Madness”
  8. Hey all, today I’ve got a nice grouping from the radar operator of a fairly famous P-61 Black Widow, “The Spook.” There is a TON of information on Miller and his crew and not much is out there from the night fighters, so feel free to enjoy the service of an impressive and rare flyer . Avery J Miller was born in the small town of Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1922 and joined the Pennsylvania National Guard after leaving high school in January of 1941. After completing his training, he was assigned as a private in the anti-tank company of the 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th I
  9. Awesome group! I've always enjoyed JAG stuff and hope to go into it myself someday. Its neat seeing their stuff from the war, not too common.
  10. This has been a very helpful thread everyone! I will hopefully be posting the group tomorrow, I got a decent amount of items all from the grandson who wanted it to go to someone who would use it for education and displays like I do. As such, he kept some of the other pieces of the group but Ill be sure to post photos of everything regardless because its so rare we find anything from the night fighters. I figured the complete group would be a good reference because I could only find one or two others on the entire forum. I am currently trying to edit down my write-up and it should be good to go
  11. Thanks for the help everyone! Definitely overlooked the whole obvious fact of cold nights being the primary time of operations. I talked to the grandson again and he thinks he remembers his grandfather saying he wore just a flight suit at times and a suit with jacket at others, really just dependent on the weather and altitude. Will definitely have to start getting something together.
  12. Thanks for the help everyone! Definitely overlooked the whole obvious fact of cold nights being the primary time of operations. I talked to the grandson again and he thinks he remembers his grandfather saying he wore just a flight suit at times and a suit with jacket at others, really just dependent on the weather and altitude. Will definitely have to start getting something together.
  13. Thanks for the quick response! I figured this was mostly the case. I was not sure if the P61 was pressurized which would negate the need for cold weather gear but it looks like the summer mix seen in the other photos you added probably matches the 548th pretty well. The flight suit Im getting is an AN-s-31a with the sleeves trimmed down. According to his grandson, he cut down the sleeves to make it easier to operate the complex radar setup with all his other gear on. I am not sure whether people had multiple flight suits issued, but in most of the original photos I found of the vet he has long
  14. Hey everyone, So I’m getting a grouping this week from a P61 radar operator of the 548th NFS which includes his original flight suit worn overseas. I have been able to find tons of information on the veteran and photographs from the grandson who I am getting it from, and was thinking about getting the few AF pieces I do not have to complete the outfit, particularly the helmet I’ve attached a few photos photos I’ve been able to find of their squadron in flight gear, but unfortunately it doesn’t show them in the cockpit so I don’t know what pacific P61s might have tr
  15. Wonderful! I did a very similar setup, only with a cartridge belt rather than a pistol, for my infantry mannequin seeing as that is the time period my grandfather entered the 36th ID. Looks good!
  16. Very cool uniform! Definitely do not see these often. I have seen them perform many times and always loved the decision to maintain the old uniforms. Look forward to seeing it restored!
  17. Alright, so got to talk to my buddy again today. Apparently the veteran was a bit of a weird dude and wouldn't tell him his full name, but the engraved silver star was found in the pocket with the name "Roberts" and the date 10/3/44 on it. He tried to return it as he doesnt think the vet realized it was in there but he had refused to tell him his full name. I am not sure if its traceable but maybe the date would help on top of the name and unique circumstances of the citation.
  18. I was pretty shocked to see the set up as well, but I will say it is legit and was given to him from the veteran years ago when the vet saw a WWII display he set up at a gun show and asked if he would have been interested in his service stuff as well. I have looked into SACO in a few various facets but I have found mention of Army Air Corps guys getting involved in the weather/radar sort of operations and will have to find those sources again. From what I understand the veteran earned his pilot wings prior to joining the OSS and spent his first years with them where he earned his para wings. T
  19. Hey everyone, welcome back to our lovely forums! Thought I would start off our return with an incredible piece belonging to a friend of mine who gave me permission to share due to the sheer rarity of the item. I did not manage to get the name of the veteran, but will try to, and was told he was a member of the OSS in the first few years of the war before being attached as a radio and weather radar operator for the Sino-American Cooperative Organization (SACO). As you may recall, SACO set up several secret bases throughout the Chinese mainland to coordinate resistance and bombing ope
  20. Yeah I’m familiar with that seller and the history of this group, it’s all legit. Pretty slick looking set of whites and a good group.
  21. Looks like he was mostly a flight instructor during the war and will need to figure out what squadron he joined in Japan at the end of the war. I will have to see if I can find out what squadron it was he joined. Thanks for the help, means a lot.
  22. Thanks much for the information! The main squadron he worked went on to fly P39s in Africa and then transferred to the P38s in the Pacific, where I have found record of him being later on. I presume this would mean lighter gear.
  23. It is dark brown and 42 dated, just well-loved.
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