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  1. A fantastic post-Christmas gift. After talking with a local peddler mall dealer, I found out that he found a couple of Marine uniforms from a local estate sale a few weeks back. I had him send me some pictures and boy was I in for a surprise. The others were very standard blank marine uniforms but this was the prize of the lot. Named to "PVT H.E. Rose", the Ike is tailor-made and inside has some of the best "Liberty" art I've ever seen. It takes up the whole back side of the interior and is hand sewn with high-quality silk. I assume he had it done while on occupation duty in Japan. The group i
  2. Thought these might apply, here are some Marks and Allied Military Currency (top left) that my great-grandfather brought back from the war. He served in the 36th Infantry Division for awhile so he went through all three of the countries. He also wrote some American values on the bottom (4 cents for 2 francs, 10 cents for a mark, and 5 cents for a half mark). Not sure if this is something the troops had to pay in exchange for the currency or what exactly. Not sure why but interesting note, the Lire has "Allied Military Currency" written in English but the marks are in German.
  3. Unfortunately there are no markings and it came from a collector downsizing his collection. He didnt remember details of where he got it or who it belonged to as he had owned it for a number of years.
  4. Here's a 63rd enlisted Ike I picked up at an auction recently. It was missing ribbon bars so the ones on there now are placeholders until I can get a couple more. No Id, unfortunately.
  5. Saw this on eBay the other day, looks really good so I got concerned it might be a put together. Any thoughts?
  6. Fantastic photographs and grouping. Groupings like this always reveal something new about the experience of our troops, I love them.
  7. As cool as that is, I hate seeing this stuff broken up. Especially of such a hero.
  8. Found this at a local antique store for a measly $5. It was turned around showing the bare side so I picked it up out of curiosity. Much to my surprise there was a name, date, and insignia all put on the cup. I think this would date to the 82nd intervention in the Dominican Republic- "Operation Power Pack". Some brief searches didn't result anything on the name so if anyone else finds anything before me, please post, thanks! Capt. Lloyd D. Dean 23 May 1964 - 5 December 1966
  9. You are correct. I meant to update this post a couple of weeks ago but my grandpa found some other photos, two of which show his buddy that he enlisted with in front of the truck. His buddy was with the then designated, 2nd Rocket Howitzer Battalion, 20th Artillery of the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea.
  10. Some awesome items you got there! I would have been beating myself had I accidentally let such a great trench art piece go.
  11. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback. It's great to see others appreciate his service. I decided to leave the link to my google photo page of this grouping. As I find more information and items from his service I update this page, one can also see some of the objects close up. https://goo.gl/photos/DaAscmXKQMLfm1teA
  12. His Purple Heart and Good Conduct Medal lapel pins A newspaper article from his hometown in Michigan about his promotion to PFC and a little unit history
  13. Next up are his dog tags Some German (and one French) coins he brought home. There are a couple more but this is the only photo I took A couple of German marks and more interestingly, some Allied Military Currency. The square ones are foreign currency printed by the allies for use by troops in the field if needed.
  14. I was helping my grandparents clean out their basement recently and I found a couple of more items from my great grandpa's service so I felt like updating the thread for any future readers. First is a painting found of him with a stamp on the back which matches the photograph of him. Signed "Gneiting" Second is a photo of him and my grandfather home in Michigan when he returned from the war Third is a photo of him and some friends on their first donkey ride. He is on the white donkey. The back of the photo has this written "March 12th, 1945-- My first donkey ride. Photo of Nich
  15. Amazing amazing grouping. Not often you see such a great civil war grouping, much less one with such a story.
  16. I found this in a local store, on the back are 3 butterfly clutch pins. It is fairly solid, almost like a badge. I have no idea what it is but it looked cool and was only a couple of bucks. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  17. Found this ribbon in a local antique store. No idea what it is. Possibly ROTC or National Guard? If anyone could help or send me somewhere that can I would appreciate it, thanks!
  18. Any idea what company or battalion he was in? I am putting together a service history book on my great grandfather's service in 3rd btl, I company, of the 142nd and am looking for any interesting photographs of men or battle locations to include. Thanks!
  19. Well after looking at the uniform again I found that the hat says in fact, A company not F. Quite the mistake on my part lol. Well I found this small bit in the back of their unit history book. McCallum, James B., Pvt. I cl. Co. A. So I found the guy exactly, but I don't have any access to ancestry websites if anyone would mind checking out his name, thanks and sorry for the misleading title!
  20. I picked up this grouping at the Show of Shows this year and was having trouble researching the soldier it's named to and much history of the unit. If anyone could help with soldier identification and a good unit history I would much appreciate it. The hat disk has "F" and the castle insignia and the collar has the castle as well. The victory ribbon only has one star and I was wondering if anyone knew what exact battle/campaign this would have been for this unit. I was curious though because he was in for a year and probably a little more so only one battle star seems kind of strange if anyone
  21. Exactly. He was 1st Cavalry the whole time. He just remembers meeting then and talking with them. So at that point they were still part of a separate unit. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  22. Honestly not sure. From how my grandpa made it sound, they were entirely separate from his unit, he says he was never attached to it but sent directly to cavalry. He says he met them along the way to Korea. Why they were there? I have no idea. He just met them (presumably on his boat) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  23. Just remembered probably one of my favorite photos he had. He said the division painted a bunch of rocks and made a huge insignia on a nearby mountain overlooking the base. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  24. Thanks for the info patches. Yeah I hadn't remembered seeing any earlier photos of the m113 before his album, and thought it especially interesting with the paint job (which seemed to be popular with the division vehicles at this time). Yeah I wrote air cav out of habit and forgot to edit it lol. Most people seem to forget that the cavalry had dmz duty for so long and only remember the ones in Vietnam. Here is a link to the rest of my grandfather's digitized photos with so captions I tried to add or he remembered and told me to add. https://goo.gl/photos/3bPUN8F6END7sz1x9 Sent
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