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  1. Yeah they were definitely very interesting. I’ve come to appreciate these little pamphlets for what they are, found one a while back between the 36th and 84th that has some great shots of uniforms bearing the unit insignia! I would sure love to find a baseball one some day! It’s surprising to find them at all honestly, think how many handouts you get at games or events nowadays that you keep, much less being home all the way from Europe!
  2. Great collection of items here! Unfortunate about that football game though...
  3. Just picked this one off of goodwill. I thought it was pretty neat and wondered if it might be tailor-made? Its made of an odd weave, has epaulettes with 4 pocket buttons, an elastic band (why?) and a unique clasp on the bottom. The engineer insignia is also a nicer version. The ribbons are plastic coated and the Air Medal appears to be missing an oak leaf. A question for the forum is about an ID. It is clearly named multiple times to an “R W Camp” and the laundry number lines up as well. However, when I looked at his obituary, it says Camp served a year with the 32nd and then in the ETO w
  4. I appreciate the responses, thanks guys!
  5. A buddy of mine recently picked this up. We weren’t sure on what to date it or what its value would be. I’m leaning towards WWII but I don’t deal with squadron insignia much.
  6. A friend of mine picked these up recently and we were wondering if anyone had any idea of a time frame or what exactly these were. They seem to have “Property of 976 A B (?) Bn. Camp B(can’t make out the rest but not Bragg) North Carolina” I presume these were training records of some sort but I’d never come across them before. We found a full set.
  7. Hello everyone, today this uniform came in of which I am proud to be its new caretaker. The dealer got it directly from the family who confirmed the story and ID. 1st Lt. Peter Howland Monfore Co. L, 3rd Bn, 23rd IR, 2nd ID West Point class of 1950 Born August 10, 1923 in South Dakota Recommended for the Medal of Honor Awarded Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster, National Defense, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Republic of Korea War Service Medal, Korean Presidential Citation, Cross de Guerre There is much written on Monfore tha
  8. Hey everyone, just thought I would bring this post up again as The NY Times published an excellent article recently on the discovery of the USS WASP. I will link it through as it is a very good read and contains some humbling images and video of the exploration of the ship. To also update this post I have found a photo and description of Lt. Commander Montgomery prior to his commissioning and his gravestone. a great article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/13/magazine/uss-wasp-lost-world-war-ii-aircraft-carrier.html
  9. WOW what an outstanding set of items. Those blues are absolutely phenomenal!
  10. Hey everybody! I want to thank you all very much for saving me and my buddy from this monster. I’m not too much of a helmet guy so it had sold me but boy am I glad I came to you all before doing anything else. He’s working on getting a refund and I’m just taking it easy looking for anything else 36th ID (That’s legit!) Thanks again, the power of this forum is great! Alex
  11. Hey guys, I appreciate all the comments so far. Luckily I haven’t bought it yet as I wanted to see what everyone in the forum had to say. I was wary with all the weathering. I figured it would be hard to fake the rust but the scratches I wasn’t sure whether it might have just been banged around in a garage for years. Would you all imagine the serial number and paint to all be faked too or just the conditioning?
  12. Hey everybody, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to purchase what might be a new centerpiece for my collection. My buddy came across this as a collector friend of his was downsizing. The collector had the helmet for awhile apparently and to me, it seems 100% legit. It’s a front seam, fixed bail (one broken off) with a Seaman paper company liner. The helmet itself has a fair bit of the original cork left while some seems to have rubbed off. The insignia on either side appear to copy the OD variant of the patch and match perfectly with the natural wear on the helmet while the fol
  13. Thanks for the responses everyone, I just get worried with it being a big investment and all and I know that it’s best condition is the one it is in naturally. I am meeting my buddy on Friday to look it over and finalize the transaction and should hopefully have some more/better pics then. It is also named so I’d like to do a little more research before I make an official forum post.
  14. Hey everyone, a friend of mine recently found and is now offering to me a dream find— a named 36th Division double sided unit marked FS FB helmet with a follow me stripe. I don’t doubt it’s authenticity but my biggest concern is the rust gathered on the surface of the helmet. Before putting down the investment on the pot I wanted to see if any collectors had suggestions on ways to remove it without hurting the decals or if I need to worry about it spreading. My biggest concern is losing my investment as rust continually takes over the helmet through the years. I am not much of a helmet collect
  15. Hey everyone, I’ve picked up a few things here and there so I thought I would update the post. So I’ve been focusing on the Officer impression since the uniform came from a captain, as such I have added some rank insignia where they used to be. I’ve also put on a better helmet netting, GI issue scarf, and a GP strap for the bag. I’m still trying to find a decently priced holster to throw on there and some lighter shade equipment pieces to match the belt. (In case anyone has some they wouldn’t mind letting go, feel free to message me!)
  16. That’s a great 142nd Ike! For how many stars he has I would imagine the arrowhead was for Salerno. You can ask on the Military Forces Museum forum for his unofficial record card which should say when he joined with the 36th. Those DIs are killer! I have one that my grandfather wore on his side cap. I believe they are German made variants.
  17. That one is incredible! Love it and the fact that my grandfather went into combat around the same time and likely knew the man who wore it! Very cool!
  18. Great, a new thread to bookmark! Well I think we are familiar but I’ve seen other threads for other units and would like to see this one become a reference for 36th uniforms (or any 36th if you’d like, I’ve got some other things I could post that aren’t uniforms) First is from my g-grandfather PFC Delmer C. Koonter, my pride and joy, who served with I company, 142nd IR from the tail of Italy to the end of the war. He was wounded in Selestat on Dec. 2, a battle for which he also received his PUC. The photo and painting were done of this same uniform. My ot
  19. Thanks! That is exactly what I was thinking. I’d never heard of specific gun mounts doing something like that or what they would really have to put the patch on but I could definitely see this patch being made shipwide with each guncrew getting a different number put on there. I’ll have to look through any cruise books but I imagine this is one I’ll never be able to confirm without talking to someone who was there. 414 just doesn’t match up with anything else I can find so this is probably the best guess. I’ll bring it along with me to SOS and see if anyone more knowledgeable on the area
  20. I have yet to find anything but does anyone know/think this could possibly be a patch from the USS RUSSELL (DD 414)? I am trying to use the numbers to figure this out but have yet to find a patch from the RUSSELL to confirm. It could be a flying squadron but the cannon and anchor both make me wonder about being some sort of ship-related insignia.
  21. Found this locally and have been having trouble trying to ID it. Make is WWII, Cannon has a 2 on it and is shooting a ball with 414
  22. Is there any photographic evidence of this being the 28th regiment? I understand the two IDs for either Korea or WWI but I was wondering if anyone knows which one this patch actually is.
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