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  1. Just got this back from my buddy to finish off my AAF impression, and in time for Conneaut too. Thought you all might like a look. Ive never posted jn the reenacting section on here but I felt this deserves it. Based on the B-24H “Big Noise From Kentucky” of the 718th BS, 449 BG. She performed 26 combat missions over Southern Europe, shooting down 6 German fighters before being shot down herself over the Ploesti Oil Fields. Her first pilot was Lt. Fletcher S. Porter of Georgetown, KY. He was KIA over Italy a few months before she was shot down. He named the plane when the squadron was comm
  2. Thanks! It is a system I devised a few months ago to display some basic info alongside my uniforms. Usually includes name, years of service, unit, awards, and campaigns. I keep the full records on my computer.
  3. Found this uniform set today in Lexington, Kentucky. The jacket is a very heavy wool, what I have found in photos to be 1930s-1950s style cadet cut and features a wool KMI and ROTC patch. There is a star on one sleeve, of which I am not sure of the meaning, a deep purple fourrage, and buttons featuring our state seal. The set was made by an Irving L. Wilson of Pennsylvania and is named to a John C. Adkins. I was not able to find him in any of the online yearbooks and have emailed the alumni association for further information. If anyone knows on how to properly date these kind of uniforms
  4. A great uniform, always good to see a photo as well! I failed notice before but am I correct in seeing the outline of where an 8 used to be on his armor patch? Very odd.
  5. Saw this one recently and wanted to get some opinions on it. Heatstamp shows 929i. Front seam swivel bail.
  6. Wow! What a fantastic lid and for such a phenomenal price. I wonder if this was a PT item as I see no need for it in a sub
  7. Great info from that birthday article! If you don’t want to order his file from the archives and get his full records, I would just find what awards the ship had and put those on. Not being a flyer I imagine he would just have those and the article would have mentioned anything higher.
  8. Cool group! I would check around on Fold3 for the name see what you can find and research the awards given to the ship to get a good idea
  9. Hello everyone, Today it is my pleasure to share with you the results of my latest research project, collaborating with fellow forum member Captainofthe7th to tell the story of a jacket pair I got awhile back. One is a standard AAF four pocket with removed pins and insignia while the other is a cut-down four pocket boasting the original ribbons, patches, and insignia. The only thing added onto this jacket is the Aircrew wings, which I only decided to replace after rubbing my fingers across it, discovering the original pin holes, as well as seeing it specifically mentioned in the research b
  10. I believe I have posted on these briefly before but I couldn’t find the post and have learned much more since I first received them. These two coats belonged to Captain William F Kenney, C Company, 115th Regiment , 29th Division. Kenney and his men landed at 1025 on June 6th at Fox Green Beach at Omaha. After helping to secure the site, they pushed onwards to the south of St. Laurent, getting there by dark. They suffered heavy fire from mortars, snipers, machine guns, and anything else the Germans could throw at them. He became company commander two weeks after the initial landings an
  11. BTT for the 75th anniversary of what this man helped to create
  12. What an absolutely phenomenal once in not many lifetimes grouping! Absolutely love that helmet cover. My g grandfather was with the 356 of the 89th during the war and l wounded in a gas attack a few days before the Argonne. Love seeing 89th stuff and this has got to be the best yet.
  13. Yes and it is one of my favorite pieces, it actually goes with the overcoat on the mannequin which also belonged to the same man. It’s a private purchase (Smith-Gray, New York) Doeskin Jeep coat that belonged to Captain William Kennedy who landed with C company, 115th IR on D-Day, becoming CO two weeks later, until October when he transferred to command of B company. He was awarded the SSM, 2 BSMs, 2 PHs, and a French Cross De Guerre w oak leaves and a Belgian one with a star. He was a local from Georgetown, KY, and his estate went up for auction back in January. It was absolutely chuck full o
  14. Thanks! The grouping belonged to my great grandfather, PFC Delmer Koonter. He got in at the tail end of the Italian campaign and was a replacement a few days into Operation Dragoon. He served with the division until the end of the war and was shot through both legs by an MG42 in the town of Selestat, France in December. He returned to the division in February or March. We found a ton of his items in my grandfathers basement and so I turned my old entertainment center into a display. His photos and bringbacks are in a separate case and his Purple Heart is still with my grandfather. And to Eag
  15. Thank you all very much for the nice comments! I’ve been collecting for about 3 years now and I’m pretty happy with how it’s come along, I’ve just always wanted to display the items of these men to do them the proper justice and I think it’s finally starting to get there.
  16. Hey everyone, getting back from school for the summer really got me wanting to finally rearrange my room and displays and I think I’ve finally found a way that I’m really happy with. I still live with the folks so all I have to play with is just my bedroom, however, I think I’ve tried to make the most of the space I have been given. There’s still stuff in closets that I’ll have to rotate on display until I can get my own place with a larger area for display. Also, I can’t help anything about the window but I tried putting most of my uniform behind the other displays and thus out of the lig
  17. Thanks for the responses, I just wasn’t sure if there would be a distinct abbreviation in the muster rolls or whether it would probably still be S1C
  18. Hey everyone, just received this Amphibious jumper from a fellow forum member and I have spent the last day or so trying to research. My question is that clearly this uniform belonged to an S1C, but I was wondering whether the gunners mate patch on the sleeve would change how his rank was shown on ship muster rolls? The name is either R Long or E Long so I am trying everything to narrow it down and was wondering if there would be some sort of distinction next to the S1C since he was a gunner or if he would show up as a different rank altogether. Best, Alex
  19. Yeah, labeled as a "Shanghai 1945 WWII Navy Top" or something along those lines. Unfortunately I am poor college student so I only had a few hundred I was able to bid on it, had this gone up like 6 years from now I probably would have had a better chance. Its got to be a truly one of a kind piece. I've never seen anything like it anywhere.
  20. Hey everyone, I’ve been watching this one closely for the last few days and unfortunately was outbid last minute. Despite my sadness at the loss, I thought this was a truly one of a kind uniform that should be put on the forum. No idea if it was named but definitely super cool with the SACO patch on the sleeve and the awesome liberty art. Whoever got it is a really lucky guy. (Sold for $346 btw)
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