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  1. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a nice grouping of cased medals belonging to a decorated 36th division veteran and I was trying to figure out a good way to display them as I plan to keep them for a long time. The set Includes name-etched Silver Star, Bronze Star, And Purple Heart medals along with their ribbons, lapel pins, and coffin boxes. I am hoping to build a display to properly show all these pieces in conjunction with a photo, description, and valor citations of the soldier. I’ve attached some schematics I’ve drawn up for use with a deep riker mount that I could make up. I’d love to see how y’all do it, mount or not, so please share, I’d love to hear some suggestions! Xs are the medals and the cites are the citations
  2. Very possible this could also be a reenactor piece.
  3. While not an exact shade match, yours tends to make me think of the tealish blue that became popular with the postwar NG. Considering it retained close to the original style, if its not just a repaint someone tried to pass off for sale, it was probably a late 40s or early 50s helmet.
  4. The style is correct for the “thin” T Patch helmet, but the color and lateness of the production makes me think if it is legit, it is likely some sort of NG piece. Like the others said everything but the shell is pretty whack. Here is a photo of the color on an original T Patch helmet owned by another collector. Yours looks to be a brighter blue even in your last non-adobe photo which was more common after the war.
  5. What a beautiful uniform and great story, he must have been quite the man and saw a hell of a lot in the war. Love seeing legal professionals in action.
  6. Beautiful uniform and fantastic find, they were truly an incredible group of men and I can only dream of finding a piece of their history. Great job picking this one up and keeping the history alive.
  7. Truly a one-of-a-kind set, he sure went through a lot and I’m glad all the history was saved together. Great grouping and well done Alex
  8. I recently did some more close ups of the 36th display in another thread Redid my grandfathers display with a homemade mannequin Earlier try with the Bulge displays And a flyer display I had for a few months Big fan of black hosery on metallic colored faces
  9. Hey everyone. Halfway through the summer and many months of quarantine through has given me plenty of time to reorganize or change around some displays. Thought I would show off some of the changes. First ive developed several types of table displays theming around the Air Corps, the Battle of the Bulge, and the 36th division. I tried to make the table a sort of main point for the room as it is the farthest from the door and at the end of the walk through the room. I’ve also added a lot of wall decorations to go along with the various displays I have up at any given time. The flags have been redone as well and a massive new one has been added behind the bed The corner has also changed and now houses my main air corps display, as my focus has now been returned to the infantry divisions of the ETO. Currently the U Shape stretching from the footlocker to the entertainment center display is all themed around the 36th ID The rack slowly dips. Will probably need to do something about that at some point. A Navy Wall was added
  10. I promise it wasn’t me... Haha In all honesty I have used some twist flameless wax melters with limited success in eliminating odors. I would untwist them all the way for max scent and then put them in plastic bags with uniforms or in close proximity to displays. When I had that uniform I let it air out for a couple days in the sun and it helped for awhile but obviously did not last.
  11. Thanks for the comment, it is a lot of fun focusing on the unit and makes every find that much more special. That bracelet is one of the things that belonged to my g grandfather who was with the 142nd, he was only in Italy for the last few weeks of the last campaign but bought several Italian made souvenirs while he was there. i reenact as well, primarily the german Fallschirmjager but I have a 36th ID impression as well
  12. I think that is a decent guess, or at least something that was at one time used by the school. I would think it odd to see a student do something like that and wonder if perhaps it was reissued to the 36th when they were gearing up to ship off and maybe stayed in their service until someone did that in occupation or if it was given back when they returned home. The Texas Military Forces museum had not seen anything like it, although it would not have flown in combat, again leading me to occupation or NG.
  13. Thanks for all the comments y’all! And as for the 142nd display, all of that belonged to my g grandfather. It’s my prized possession and what got me kicked on the T Patchers. There’s actually a few of his medals missing and a few more theater made items that my grandfather still has. If you look for the post about “Delmer Koonter” in the groupings section you can see his story and the items up close.
  14. Got around to setting up a 36th Infantry Division display once again now that I’ve gotten some new pieces in. All uniforms are named and IDd. I’m particularly happy about the new small items I’ve been able to pick up with help me fill out the display and the walls behind it. It’s a fun division to collect and I hope I can continue expanding as time goes on. I’m always looking for more uniforms and smalls from the division, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got anything!
  15. I mainly collect uniforms but find lots of smalls in my day to day collecting. To compensate for this, I have developed a sort of “natural” display which focuses around mannequins with uniforms that are surrounded by natural or related smalls that look as if someone has thrown them on a desk and forgotten about it. This is an easy way to display smalls that night not otherwise warrant being displayed independently but helps make a more thematic and fuller display. If you can find newspapers, pictures, magazines, or other pieces with great graphics that go along with a theme, it’ll only enhance the display to hang those behind it. I also make display cards for every uniform which shows some of the basic research and photos I have of the veteran whose uniform is being displayed. I find those to be really fun to have. A Battle of the Bulge themed “natural” display Here’s an Air Corps one Other iterations This one had ETO on the left and PTO on the right Sometimes you can use entire groupings for a “natural” display And here’s some of those cards, you can get a cheap laminator of Amazon and they’ll look great with hanging uniforms as well An example of a larger card, I print these out in 4x6 and buy these cheap plain plastic frames from Walmart. They blend in well and leave the focus on the information.
  16. Thanks for the comments yall, definitely not one I could pass up. Does anyone recognize the cartouche on the back of the flap that is surrounded by the patch stitching?
  17. Awesome helmet and super cool story. This is only the second time I’ve seen from an LCG crewman besides a uniform grouping I used to have and is posted on here. They were important but forgotten ships. I presume this helmet would’ve been his helmet for the LSM, any idea what the 26 would represent?
  18. Just got in a great belt my friend found for me at the Oklahoma show. It’s a 1942 about BAR ammo belt in field-worn shape, but the most interesting part is the original snowback 36th ID SSI sewn onto the left side. I’ve not been able to find specific pictures of the division doing this but I’m guessing it might have been a late war or occupation thing. The stitching is hand done and using original organic thread. The patch itself covers the clasp and shows a good amount of wear from the button closing and opening on the patch. The belt is also named to a “C Grady” which I have not been able to look into yet. There are some other stamping that look like “TM1” and some weird cartouche above the name. In all, a very unique and cool ammo belt that was obviously well used through the war and probably afterward in occupation. Very happy to add it to my 36th collection. -Alex
  19. You could contact the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, I know they like finding things from instructors and personnel that were stationed there for the war.
  20. Bump because this guy was a little busy 76 years ago, today.
  21. Can’t really ask for a better uniform, glad you ended up with this one!
  22. You'd be spot on. According to Jones they were thrown around the 84th ID lines during the Bulge for over a month, it was the most continuous days of actual combat he personally saw. At the end of it he had met the requirement and got the CIB, although he did not keep his discharge papers to see whether it was official or not.
  23. Jones as a LT and his Jeep “the Iron Lady” Platoon photo, Jones back right Note the wear of a meritorious unit citation and the ribbons on an m43 Work in a truck Taken from inside the truck moving through Germany
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