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  1. There are people who are against restoration or preservation, but there are also people who would rather restore or preserve. I am more educated than that. Even the best museums in the world restores valuable work of arts. In this case we are talking about a brittle dry leather that is not even valuable. The strap does not belong to any important person or had been documented in any historic battle. It is a cheap strap that was suppose to be thrown out of the garbage. I can do what I want and I can ask advices and not follow it if I like. So, please, people who are less educated should reframe
  2. Maybe you cant have nice things. Me, I have now a nice strap that was suppose to be thrown in the garbage. I saved it from destruction.
  3. I came here because I wanted to and no one can stop me for doing that. I wanted to repair or restore and the advise I got was not to touch it. Should I just watch the strap break and then throw it away? Or should I just throw it away with out trying to do anything about it? It turns out the strap could be saved, so what is your problem?
  4. No worries! It is a cheap helmet liner. If it was an expensive helmet I would not restore it I would have gotten a NOS strap. I just didnt want to throw away the liner
  5. I have always been told that original button rivets should look rounded like this
  6. Thanks guys! I tried experimenting, using WD40 since I was already ready to garbage it and to tell you frankly it worked. Now it is soft leather, I can even untwist the twisted parts that were really dry and brittle. Dark leather is just perfect for me.
  7. Hi! Can a leather chin strap from a helmet liner, that is already brittle and dry be restored? Should i deep it in oil? What should I do at least to soften it. Thanks
  8. The first year (1942) of Japanese occupation, nobody wanted to accept those bills as payment and the real Peso was still in circulation until it was criminilized to have real pesos on your possesion. You could be sentenced to death. Later on, even after it was criminilized they would still use real pesos in the underground and some provinces printed there own guerrilla bills. They even printed 500 and 1000 pesos in mickey mouse money due to the inflation. There are still a lot of these bills to this day in bundles in uncirculated condition.
  9. From the way you describe it, must be very big. It could be artillary camo. Im not sure if you can cut it to pieces and sell it for helmet camo.
  10. Also know as Mickey Mouse money by the locals, because it had no value. To buy something you had to bring literally a sack to those bills to pay.
  11. Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to post this but my question is Will a Large size PASGT vest cover fit NICELY on a small PASGT vest?
  12. How can your tell what size do you need? Extra Large or small
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