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  1. Happy Birthday Ken! I am only a couple of year behind you it seems, but my eyesight must be worst, as I really am struggling to see the Harley in the picture!! Hope you have had a great day. Cheers......John
  2. Fabulous! Thank you Rene, I had not seen many of those pictures before, but I am thoroughly enjoying them now. Cheers......John
  3. Hello gentlemen, I have a small Normandy update for you from this side of the Channel... Visited Portsmouth with my little boy the other weekend and a headed over to the D-Day Story museum on Southsea seafront specifically to check on the progress of their newest installation... As you can see LCT7074 is coming along very nicely and pandemic issues permitting, I would calculate she will likely be ready for public access in 2021. What you cannot see because the ramp is up, is that the Sherman tank and Churchill Crocodile tank with trailer (a 79th Armoured Div
  4. Looks like a Troop Carrier squadron patch, as it references all the main roles of the Troop Carrier squadrons - dropping a paratrooper from the left hand, delivering supplies from the right hand, towing a glider trooper on a rope behind and the medics armband for the casualty evacuation air landing role. Unfortunately I don't have access to my reference material at the moment to tell you which one. I also don't have the knowledge to comment authoritatively on the authenticity of the patch in question either. Cheers......John
  5. And of course the obligatory ‘for fun’ shot… …with my original WWII 82nd Airborne Division patch and a Sterling hallmarked Glider Qualification Badge with single contemporarily added combat landing star. With a new generations of medical professionals performing their own acts of heroism in the current pandemic, thank you for your service to all medics past and present, civilian and military. Cheers……John
  6. Time for an update to this thread with some 2020 acquisitions added to my DUI collection and an opportunity to mark the 76th anniversary of Operation MARKET GARDEN. Sadly current circumstances prevent us joining our Dutch, American, Polish and other British friends in physical commemoration this year. Presented are some more DUI in relation to the 82nd Airborne Division’s crossing of the Waal River in The Netherlands to secure the Nijmegen bridges. The 20th September 1944 crossing by the 504th PIR and 307th AEB saw only 13 of the 26 boats used make it across the river f
  7. Super interesting articles, especially the histories around the real units and operations. Never heard of some until now! Many thanks for sharing. Cheers......John
  8. How to do a 'socially distanced' 76th D-Day anniversary... So I have family who don't live too far from WWII US Airborne country here in the UK and I have been meaning to check the area out for quite some time. With proper D-Day commemorations cancelled, today seemed like a good day to make the pilgrimage to these sites. Unfortunately I don't have any 'then' shots to show against the now. First up was a little 'incursion' to check out what is left of the main runway at the former RAF Membury, from where 436th Troop Carrier Group C-47 launched to carry paratroopers or to
  9. Many months ago one of the original 506th PIR officer’s German silver hand beaten goblets came up on eBay named to a young replacement Second Lieutenant who was only involved in the Germany campaign. Now the engraving wasn’t too clear in the pictures, but was good enough if you knew what you were looking at. But at some point during the auction someone must have asked for better pictures of the engraving. So some new pictures appeared on the auction of what looked like the freshly polished globet, with the engraving nice and clear, but 70+ years of original tarnish miss
  10. Not sure if this is where or how I am supposed to do this, but just came across these two auctions on eBay, which appear to be from the same USAAF Troop Carrier Group vet (I haven't contacted the seller to confirm) and in my limited knowledge seem to be being offered at a very reasonable price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-era-occupation-Clothing-Grouping-Airborne-Troop-Carrier-Dogtags/313046840793?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225073%26meid%3D5e38c3d08aa64b848a685dc6ed4bf712%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D312978866552%26itm%3D313046840
  11. That booth is still there Rene, although I didn't partake, as I never enjoyed the experience the first time round 30 years ago and in those days they even paid me for the privilege!!
  12. Love the independent tank battalion stuff. Absolutely splendid uniform and even better to have the history and a link to the living veteran!
  13. I am always on the look out for interesting things to contribute to this thread, particularly as I am partly based in 'airborne country' over here in Berkshire, England, where many of the US Troop Carrier airfields were positioned and most of the US Airborne units were billeted. Unfortunately I don't get around these places as much as I would like and I am also having difficulty finding the 'Then' pictures to go with any 'Now' I could take. Anyway, I thought the many jeep lovers and contributors from the Netherlands here might be interested by this. Before the lockdown came in, to pass an
  14. Looks like you two had a really fine day out and some great finds too. Wonderful beret, but that picture of the two of you is just fabulous. Cheers......John
  15. Indeed there was much mention of that traffic jam incident from locals and experienced attendees of the commemorations. Given the presence of both the Queen of the Netherlands and the UK's Prince of Wales, I'm sure their security details would not have wanted a repeat of such an incident, given the extensive crowds at the Heath on Saturday. I was interested to learn on this trip that the 315th Troop Carrier Group were also responsible for delivering the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade (1.SBS) to their Drop Zone at Driel on the 21st September 1944. Sadly that date was also the day
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