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  1. The PME from the History Division on base is going from 09:00-12:00 on the 7th. The History Division is pulling out a lot of memorabilia from the 1917 battalion; photos, uniforms, a French machinegun.....most of this stuff has been in storage for years. The battalion photo will be done at the conclusion of the PME. Dinner at the museum is from 19:00 - 00:00 The 8th will be 'Spartan Games' at Camp Upshur, 13:00 depart for a PME battlefield study of Chancellorsville and then back to Lejeune. I will be taking pictures of all of these events, not sure how I can get them to this gro
  2. Here's the schedule: Well.......that didn't work......any idea how to do a cut & paste?
  3. I'm at Lejeune visiting the battalion. The Commanding General to II MEF presented the battalion with 'Chesty Puller' award for being the best unit in II MEF today. As I was listening to the Companies report.....they weren't saying Echo, Fox, Golf, Wpns, H&S.....they report with the Company numbers...."78th Company all present of accounted for" On a side note....how do you attach pictures here?
  4. Steve, Solid copy. Marine Corps Association (Gazette & Leatherneck) mentioned that they might want to make a commemorative picture with the subject of this thread and the 100 years after picture of 2/6 in July. I'll keep you posted as this progresses. I'm stopping by the History Division sometime this week.
  5. GWS, we're positive about the location. The Marine History Division is going full throttle on this. There is a 78th Company Living History Unit that will also be there to help teach the 2/6 Marines about their Battalion in 1917. A member of the group is related to a Marine that was KIA at Belleau Wood. They plan on taking a battalion photo within grenade range of the original photo.
  6. Just had a confirmation, the location is where the Alfred M Gray Research Center is. Regarding the railroad tracks; the main line is there but there were two switches that formed a V.....the parking lot to the south of the train station is that V. Looks like they will take the Battalion picture there in July. I sent the battalion a modified schedule taking away some time from the museum and spending 4 hours over there. The History Division has promised a PME that the Marines will never forget about their battalion.
  7. Thanks for the help.....still looking for more.... I found an old picture of the Quantico train station, there was a switch that probably lead to where the library is now.......still digging. I spoke to the people on base, the trench line up by the golf course is off limits, they are worried about erosion. The Public affairs Office and Historical Division is also getting involved. I also managed to get in touch with the author of 'To the Limit of Endurance.' He will get in touch with the 78th Company living history unit, they would probably be willing to support this effort.
  8. I'm probably going to have to spend time at the Research Center at MCU. That railroad line is still there but I can't figure out the exact location. I found an article about the trenches written in 2016, I'm waiting on a reply from the Lieutenant that wrote it. Some Lieutenants is 2/6 wrote another article that posted in the Gazette today: Google 'The Decision Room Gazette' and you'll see it on top.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Scott, we'll have to link up sometime.
  10. Does anyone have an idea as to where the pictures were taken on Quantico? The reason that I ask is that 2/6 is coming up to Quantico in July to do a mess night at the museum. They will be taking a battalion photo but they haven't identified the location yet. The battalion will be staying at Camp Upshur. For those that want to see what the battalion is up to now, do a google search; Decision Time Gazette USMC
  11. Hello, I was doing some research on 2/6 and I found a thread on the battalion...... I'm a retired 0369 Gunny, I have been working as a direct support contractor to Marine Corps Systems Command PM Training Systems since I retired in November 2002.
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