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  1. A couple of weeks ago, I bought this instrument and compliance plate, apparently from a Ju-87 Stuka. However, I can't see a matching instrument in any cockpit photos of a Stuka. What am I missing? The compliance plate is apparently from the same Stuka, which was apparently werk nummer 143519. Is there any place I can find more information about this individual aircraft?
  2. Awesome! It was the 101st Airborne that took the Berchtesgaden, wasn't it?
  3. Apparently the patch is the former emblem of the US Army Transportation Corps.
  4. I have to agree with the others, the leather looks way too new. I suppose it might be a restoration, and parts of it, such as the buckle, could be real, but I don't know much about ACW militaria.
  5. I have no idea what to look for with these things, would anyone be able to tell me what gives it away as being fake? Thanks
  6. Absolutely. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.
  7. On the 6th of March, 1945, at 1400 hours, US forces advanced to the centre of the German city of Cologne. Sherman tanks advanced along Komodienstrasse (Translation: Comedy Street) towards the Cathedral, only for the lead tank to be destroyed by a German Panther tank (aka Panzer V). Three of the Sherman's crew were killed, with two surviving. In the parallel street, An den Dominikanern (Translation: To the Dominicans), American troops heard of the Sherman's destruction, and a Pershing tank was sent to destroy it. It did so, with two of the Panther's crew being killed and three surviving. Of
  8. Thanks for the answers, fascinating stuff!
  9. The Battle of Castle Itter was fought on the 5th of May. The 12th Armoured Division, Volks-Werferbrigade 7, Austrian resistance members ,several French Officers and civilians, a single Waffen SS Officer, and the 142nd Infantry Regiment, defended Castle Itter in Austria from the 17th Waffen SS Panzer Division. It marks the only time in WWII that members of the German Army and Waffen SS fought alongside the US Army. The only casualty was the Volks-Werferbrigade 7's CO, Major Josef Gangl, who was killed during the battle. The battle is largely unknown, but has gained more attention recently a
  10. I was looking at photos of Abrams tanks, when this caught my eye: It looks like there are items being stored in that box-like protrusion coming out of the rear of the turret. My question is, what's being stored there? My first thought was spare parts or survival equipment, but it seems weird to place those things outside of the armour (then again, I'm no tanker or tank designer), unless, of course, it's something as large as a wheel. Any answers would be very much appreciated, thank you
  11. Really? Wow... as you say, that's very interesting. Will definitely research that.
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