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  1. Thanks for the input guys. It makes sense it would be ETO manufactured. The embroidery work is unusual to me. Reminds me of some of my KW era Japanese made patches.
  2. Pulled the trigger on this tonight. Curious as to where/when manufactured. To me it doesn't appear to be English/German/French postwar manufactured. Possibly Japan KW era? US wartime seems like a long shot as I've never seen one in this style...
  3. Very well displayed, focused collection. Really nice!
  4. Sturm/US Cav was the first company to make repro's of the 2 piece army camo uniform (I think), approximately 30 years ago. Since then, ATF, WW2Impressions, SMWholesale, and a host of Chinese/ far east outfits. Those are the ones I can think of off top of head...
  5. To me it seems to be cut like a hunting jacket. Looking at the pockets and lining. Perhaps a novelty item manufactured in Korea/Japan after the war?
  6. Absolute laziness got the best of me on this one. Funny I kept looking at the reverse of this patch, and it ain't the same as the Italian made patches. Guess I insisted it had to be true. I've been hunting good examples of II Corps, 85th ID, and FSSF, for a couple years now. I will say this is the first Liberty Loan patch I own, and it will simply slip in to the pre-WW2 pile. Thanks for the info Mort! .....I'm curious if there's any development on the 17th AB 'Italian' made patch.
  7. Oh man! That hurts. All I had to do was go to page 100 of Keller's book to figure that out. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I was very excited to add this to my Italian woven patches.
  9. The blue one kinda reminds me of the 116th Panzer badge
  10. Look like originals to me, with the pockets removed for some reason, but the pocket flaps remaining? Weird
  11. I can't answer your question, but my first thought is this is USGI ammo, given the tags, and it's in bandoleers. Lots of guys on this forum have access to ammo lot numbers. I don't, it's never really been my collecting area. Assuming it's in 5 round clips? What's the ammo head stamp? I'd guess it's in brass strippers with a mid 30's date?
  12. IMR= Improved Military Rifle. Plenty of folks still use it for reloading (including me). I use 4895. Your bandoleers appear to be prewar
  13. That's impressive! Incredible work on the croc and water
  14. Went through Sarge's thread on these but couldn't ID this specifically. Can anyone give me details on era of manufacture or use? Have I identified it correctly for a 1902 sword? Appears to be unmarked completely. Not even the hardware has a manufacturer mark. Thanks in advance!
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