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  1. Doyler, that's a really nice liner, and very similar in condition to the one I just sold. That's about the only thing epay is good for on the selling end; high condition rarities.
  2. Because it was still perfectly usable. WW2 liners in supply chain were used until no longer serviceable or upgraded. As an fyi I just sold my excellent condition HR liner on ePay for nearly $500. I wouldn't say they're rare, but certainly not common.
  3. Angle of the pics makes it difficult for me to tell, but it looks like a wartime 'M40' shell.
  4. Really nice rig with excellent research. Thanks for sharing
  5. Makes sense. Brought home from a range in Germany in the 80's
  6. Wow! Way different than the days of US Infantry Weapons of WWII. What a great resource. I'm trying to shed book weight right now, unfortunately, this may being added to the weight. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Recovered 90mm. M77? Thanks in advance!
  8. My .02 is that everything above is 100% original of the era manufacture. Nice caps. Too bad size 7 fits 5 year olds these days. I'm excited when I find 7 3/4 to fit my mellon. Remember, these were built by lots of manufacturers, with tolerance, to fit what was required as a cap. You can probably find lots of od shades, grommet differences, bill size, etc.
  9. The backer almost looks like German badge cloth of the 20's through 40's time frame.
  10. Who autographed your tommy gun sling?
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