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  1. I've wondered this for several years now. Veterans Day is a day to honor veterans obviously. So who exactly is included in the definition of "veteran" for veteran's day? Is there an official answer?? Is someone that served in the National Guard or Reserves but was never activated a veteran? They are not a veteran by definition (at least my understanding for veteran's benefits) because they never served on active duty for reasons other than training. Just curious. As always, thanks for your replies.
  2. I found a stretcher that says "DSA 2-1937". I would assume that means February 1937, but not sure. Were DSA #s used in WWII and stamped on equipment. Under the number it has the manufacturer's name. thanks.
  3. Thanks for your help. Do you know the range (high and low) this would typically sale for?
  4. A friend of mine purchased this recently at an antiques store. I know nothing about civil war militaria and he would like to know if it is real or fake. It was identified by the store owner as a "Civil War Navy Belt Buckle, False-Two Piece." What are your opinions on this one. Is there a better place to post this to get the answers. Thanks as always.
  5. Have any of you ever seen field gear, specifically a T-handle shovel, marked BERKELEY BAGS INC.? Could this be what B.B. Co. stands for.
  6. Was the folding shovel and carrier ever used with the 1928 haversack, or just the T-handle shovel? Thanks.
  7. Ran across a 1960's dated ammo pouch today and was wondering how"rare they are". It was stamped inside the top flap "M16 or M16A1 30 round magazine pouch" (or close to that). The main difference I saw in it is instead of grenade pockets, this one had a very tight space for a grenade spoon to slip in on each side and a small strap to go around the grenade, but no pocket for it to ride in. It was OD nylon with white plastice insert in the front and back of the inside of the pouch. Thanks. sorry no pics.
  8. Are there states where I could not ship these to??
  9. These mags are marked on the back BRW and underneath that is marked S-I. they were in the ammo pouches when I got them. Will these work in an M-1A?
  10. Is there a heat stamp in the front, inside of this helmet?
  11. Got this last weekend and would like to know about the liner and the pot. rear seam, swivel bail, clip on chinstraps painted OD buckles. Is this a vietnam production helmet or WWII leftover? It has been painted over, but I am not taking the cover off because the elastic band may not survive it if I do. Looks like a first Lt. bar was colored onto the camo cover. Liner is stamped in block letters MSA with a 20 underneath. No insignia hole in liner. What have I got guys?? Any ideas what the black numbers stamped on the inside of the helmet is? What year is the camo cover from? Thanks fo
  12. Thanks. so is this the original fantasy item or the repro of the fantasy item???
  13. I'm sure this is a repro, but it does have a different belt attachment than the repros on ebay I compared to. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't about to get rid of something nice. Back reads: manufactured by J. PURDY OXFORD ST. LONDON W. ENGLAND. it was in a vet's estate sell. thanks. (sorry for bad pictures)
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