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  1. Recent addition. The Ike is named and researched to a 509 trooper.
  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words.
  3. Nice work Kevin! I see you are a 70th Division supporter. My Grandfather was KIA January 45 and is buried in Epinal. He was 276th. Thank you for keeping the 70th alive! Best, Larry
  4. These items were also in the discovery. If I'm not mistaken, Chester is the guy sitting on top of the bunker.
  5. These are the only two I can find. I remember the contents being: Canteen, small stove, assault pack, helmet, cap, a few pins/badges, photo album, misc. GI issued items.
  6. There were two Knights Crosses in the map case. Just kidding ? Ill see if I can dig up a few more pics.
  7. Indeed! Thanks for the kind words guys.
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