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  1. The knife has plexiglass handles with 3 coins underneath
  2. Info on Luther Powers, anyone have any details on his unit?
  3. This gentleman, Luther Powers, according to his nephew, worked in hospitals. Interestingly, look how many Airborne tabs he collected. He stitched them into a long chain. The British knife with the chain is personalized and really cool. He must have had a lot of contact with the paratroopers. He sent the helmet, a Luft Q60 to the nephew during the war and specially picked out a small one for the boy. The Purple Heart is unmarked. I have his uniform in storage and will have to search for it. Unfortunately no photo of him.
  4. Can anyone help me identify the plane in this photo? It is a postcard it was in my grandfathers estate. It looks similar to the Wright brothers early plains but if you look at the wings carefully it seems different. Can anyone identify it?
  5. Keep the phone and radio, it’s adds to the effect.
  6. Very nice, I like how you displayed the hats!
  7. I love the fact you are documenting the uniforms. I regret not doing that years ago, at the time I was more interested in the collecting of the item than the true history, keep up the good work!
  8. Welcome to the WW1 club. I am an 89th fan.
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