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  1. Something different from my collection. NFS Sac Bomber Goggle for Nuclear Strike Goggles with gold plated lenses to help reflect the flash of a nuclear fireball and a monocular to prevent one eye’s retina from being burnt out by the nuclear flash. Marked: GOGGLE MODIFICATION KIT ONE KIT CONTRACT NO.AF36(600)-19540 FELSENTHAL INSTRUMENTS CO. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS PART NO. FAA-150 Tagged: 8475-133-3742 GOGGLES, N/FLASH WITH EYEPATCH From: McCoy AFB, FLA. Inspection dated: 1NOV71 thru 9NOV71 Goggles Marked: PIONER SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION GOGGLES M-1944
  2. Thank you all for the great information. Mr. Jerry, it doesn't glow that I've noticed.
  3. Not exactly a military knife but most astronauts were military. Astronaut Knife M-1, Model 1983, SN 30. Made by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Bradford, Pa.
  4. I'm looking for any documentation on the use of the Nikonos V underwater camera by the US military. I am not having much luck finding information about military underwater cameras.
  5. Thank you, I'm finding that US service members purchased a variety of knives in SE Asia for personal carry.
  6. I am researching this knife. The blade is marked: BEST.STEEL on one side with three Japanese symbols and PAT.P. N.o. 29387 with two unknown symbols on one side the other side. OAL: 263mm Blade Length: 145mm It is identified as the following on another part of this forum: 1968 Knuckle knife (marked "Best Steel" w/kanjion on one side and "Pat.P. No. 29387" w/kanjion the other) http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/111316-the-ranks-have-swollen/ Researching my personal collection. Comments and corrections welcome. Not for s
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