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  1. What would be the best avenue to market and sell these items? I want the entire package to stay together and I could only find so much on the book, I saw one on ebay currently going for a grand and another sold at auction for 1250 a couple years ago. I'm sure I could throw the whole lot on ebay however it would be hard to put a price or market all there is to offer. Any advice would be appreciated and if there are any collectors that have interest please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I figured this was the best forum to present my recent findings in and get some sound advice from you guys that have far more knowledge than I do. I bought some old coins off a guy and he told me about some old WWII letters and a book and I didn't think much of it, however I had him send me a picture of the book so I could do some research. Once I started to dig around I realized it was an incredible piece of history so I picked it up from him along with a lot of other items. Ill list them below to give an idea what all I have. -Stalag Luft III by Bob Neary with inscript
  3. Hello all, I am from south Texas and enjoy reading through this forum. I came upon an incredible collection of WWII memorabilia and am honestly looking for advice on how I should find an owner that would value it more than me. I will look around the forum and see where the best place to put the details, but essentially it consists of a Stalag Luft III book by bob neary and a lot of personal items from the owner of the book who was a POW at the camp that was noted in the Great Escape. Thanks to all who could contribute. Captmaster
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