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  1. Thanks now if I can only find a nice Luger in a similar grouping!
  2. WOW thanks!! Can u please post a link to the PDF if possible?
  3. My father went into the service after the war in 1946 and ended up on Iwo Jima in the 604th Grave Registry Company. I have some photos of his and can't identify the patch on his shirt. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am working on a shadow box for his military service. Thanks!!
  4. Good advice ... I'm going to leave it as is. My wife has a small steamer which I tried out and all it did was make the jacket wet so I stopped.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments guys! I know its tough to find a 41 in the larger sizes. There are plenty around in the common size 36. The spec tag in the pocket is still readable and dated December 11, 1942. I tried posting a pic of it but the file was too large. As you can see in the photos, its pretty wrinkled and was considering having it dry cleaned or just ironing it but I am concerned about damaging the 75 year old fabric. I searched the forum about cleaning it and the general consensus was that it is OK to do so but I may just leave it as it is.
  6. I have been collecting WWII military items for over 25 years and never had an original 41 field jacket in my collection. Recently, I found a nice one on eBay and snatched it up. Its a large size (42) and in excellent shape with great color, minor staining and original patches. It is Id'd to a soldier named Feagan. The eBay seller was out of Michigan so I contacted him to see what area the estate sale was in. He told me it was Sterling Heights. I searched the Army records and found two Feagans in Michigan so he may be one of them. I couldn't find any obituary records of either men so I hit a de
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. I don't remember how long he was in the service for.
  8. I've had this grouping for over 20 years and thought I would share it with everyone. I got these items from the vet himself when I went to his house to speak to him about his war experiences. I have always had an interest in Airborne warfare and a friend of mine who is a Vietnam vet had a co-worker who was in the 82nd Airborne. I got his number and after a brief conversation, he invited me over to his house. (How I wish I would of taped or recorded the interview) He had many stories and a few I vividly remember. He even broke down crying a few times. One of those times was when he spoke of hav
  9. I picked up this autograph at a military show over 20 years ago. I thought I would share it with everyone. It is signed to a Major who retired in 1944 according to a handwritten note on the back.
  10. Spoke to the dealer and he said the mans son brought the gun in so he obviously doesn't want it.
  11. Thanks Guys! I thought the price was decent at $1450. Most of the ones I followed on Gunbroker sold at around 2K. Still thinking about contacting the family. I'm going to ask the dealer if he got if from a family estate. Any thoughts on the possible blood splattering on it? Thanks for the comments.
  12. I just received this in the mail yesterday and didn't have time to take my own pictures. Here is the ad from the company I purchased it from. It is still up! http://www.gunmess.com/store/p130/WW2_German_Walther_P_38_W%2F_Holster_%2F_Capture_Papers%21.html There is some splattering from unknown substance on one side of the pistol. Could this of been blood that marred the finish? I googled the vet and here is the info I found: "DELORME FOLTZ was born on 03 Dec1918. He died on 05 March 1982. Delorme entered Military service November 11, 1944. He served in the 102nd Division of infantry in E.T.O
  13. Thanks Paul. Do you have any info on the engineer symbol located on one of the grips? Did the 290th have there own symbol/patch? Mike
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