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  1. I recently picked up this single example of a Specialist First Class/SP6 insignia for the white uniform.
  2. Thanks for the reply Hardstripe - I agree that manufacture variations are definitely a factor.
  3. I added a set of Specialist 3rd class through Master Specialist to my collection today. While reviewing the insignia side-by-side, I noted that the length of the insignia increases with the higher ranks, yet the Specialist 8 (female personnel, 1959-1965) is physically shorter than the Master Specialist insignia. LTC Emerson mentions the insignia width specifications in "Chevrons" (page 200) without comment re: insignia length. I found this interesting and am posting for the benefit of anyone interested in the Specialist insignia variations. Photo follows:
  4. Good Morning all - I'm trying to find a source for the 1955-1959 US Army regulations for Male Uniform and Insignia (Enlisted). I have a copy of 670-5 SEP 1959. I'm seeking a source for AR 615-15 (2JUL1954). This version of the reg introduced the Specialist rank insignia. "Chevrons" by LTC Emerson is my best resource so far. I'm still trying to find an original copy of the regs. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks - have a great day!
  5. Good Morning All - my name is Mark Houkal. I served in the US Army as a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic from 1989-1994. My last duty station was Fort Lee VA (HHC 240 QM BN). My collection focuses on the branch-specific rank insignia used through the end of WWI, along with the many versions of Specialist rank insignia used through the Vietnam era. Attached is an image showing some recent acquisitions. Have a great day!
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