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  1. Here is a TAFT Kenya. We sold them some F-5 aircraft in the early 80's. Mark
  2. Mine is identical and I have as 129 Air Resupply Squadron. http://gallery.usafpatches.com/displayimage.php?album=search&cat=0&pid=14717#top_display_media Mark
  3. Flying Tiger Antiques has this same patch being sold as: Scarce WWII USAAF 3rd Combat Cargo Sq., 1st C. C. Grp., 10th AF CBI-Made Unofficial Jacket Patch Link: http://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=fta&Product_Code=afsq20003ccs&Category_Code=03AF
  4. Thank you ragpick, your response is greatly appreciated. Mark
  5. Here is my version, without the bombs on the top edge. Mark
  6. This was a recent find. Came with 3 other decal on leather patches that I have already identified. Looking for any information that will help with the unit identification. I have not been able to locate any similar images. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Mark
  7. Most of the patches were WWll, this was an oddball. The guy I got them from thinks it might be a Navy unit. He doesn't remember anything else. Mark
  8. This came in a recent grouping, looking for help with an ID. Thanks Mark
  9. Thank you 501stGeronimo for commenting and your opinion, I appreciate it. Mark
  10. Hello, this is a recent pick up for me and would like to hear opinions on this patch. WWll era? Construction? Doesn't look like a Paki made to me, but would like opinions from this forum. Thanks! Mark
  11. I recently picked this patch up and was looking for help with an ID. Thanks in advance. Mark www.radmanpatches.com
  12. I thought that this was Navy-Amphibious Assault Landing Craft. That is what I've been told several times. Mark
  13. Can anyone help ID this patch. thanks Mark
  14. I recently placed an order 5 weeks ago. 10 days ago, not having received any feedback or items from him, I sent an email inquiring about my purchased items and status of the shipment. Up to today, after 2 more emails, there has been no response and no items received. Today I contacted my credit card company to cancel this transaction. I would just say buyer beware. I will not be placing any orders through this dealer. Mark
  15. I have recently updated my site, www.radmanpatches.com. I mainly deal in USAF patches, but have a few Army, Navy, and Marine Corps also. Nothing to rare, but lots of patches. All my patches are available for sale or trade. I give discounts on orders with multiple patches, just let me know what you are interested in, and we'll see what we can work out. I am radmanpatches on ebay, my feedback speaks for itself. Feel free to email me with any questions at radmanpatches@hotmail.com. Thanks! Mark-radmanpatches
  16. I just recently purchased a small collection of patches and this one was in there. Has an ID of ZP-24 on the back, appears to be made in Japan. I have not been able to find any images for this patch, so would like to hear from anyone who can confirm this is the ID. Thanks for any help. Mark www.radmanpatches.com
  17. Have had this a while. I have not been able to find an ID. Any help would be appreciated. It appears to have been painted on animal skin, maybe seal? Thanks for any help. Comments Mark
  18. Hi, here is another from the 70 MTD and one from the 424th MTD. It is USAF, my friend was in this and drove in the convoys from Kuwait to Iraq. Didn't tell me to much more than that. Mark
  19. I just wanted to add my Fort Churchill patch to this thread. Mark
  20. Here is an Air Force one from the 36 Tactical Fighter Wing.
  21. Just picked these 2 patches up yesterday. I need help with the ID of the Naval aviation patch. The NAS New Orleans is not one that I've seen before and have not seen it in any reference material. Comments welcome. Thanks! Mark
  22. The first patch is the 4th military Airlift Squadron out of McChord AFB Washington. When I was stationed there they were flying C-141's. Mark
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