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  1. Here is a TAFT Kenya. We sold them some F-5 aircraft in the early 80's. Mark
  2. Mine is identical and I have as 129 Air Resupply Squadron. http://gallery.usafpatches.com/displayimage.php?album=search&cat=0&pid=14717#top_display_media Mark
  3. Flying Tiger Antiques has this same patch being sold as: Scarce WWII USAAF 3rd Combat Cargo Sq., 1st C. C. Grp., 10th AF CBI-Made Unofficial Jacket Patch Link: http://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=fta&Product_Code=afsq20003ccs&Category_Code=03AF
  4. Thank you ragpick, your response is greatly appreciated. Mark
  5. Here is my version, without the bombs on the top edge. Mark
  6. This was a recent find. Came with 3 other decal on leather patches that I have already identified. Looking for any information that will help with the unit identification. I have not been able to locate any similar images. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Mark
  7. Most of the patches were WWll, this was an oddball. The guy I got them from thinks it might be a Navy unit. He doesn't remember anything else. Mark
  8. This came in a recent grouping, looking for help with an ID. Thanks Mark
  9. Thank you 501stGeronimo for commenting and your opinion, I appreciate it. Mark
  10. Hello, this is a recent pick up for me and would like to hear opinions on this patch. WWll era? Construction? Doesn't look like a Paki made to me, but would like opinions from this forum. Thanks! Mark
  11. I recently picked this patch up and was looking for help with an ID. Thanks in advance. Mark www.radmanpatches.com
  12. I thought that this was Navy-Amphibious Assault Landing Craft. That is what I've been told several times. Mark
  13. Can anyone help ID this patch. thanks Mark
  14. I recently placed an order 5 weeks ago. 10 days ago, not having received any feedback or items from him, I sent an email inquiring about my purchased items and status of the shipment. Up to today, after 2 more emails, there has been no response and no items received. Today I contacted my credit card company to cancel this transaction. I would just say buyer beware. I will not be placing any orders through this dealer. Mark
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