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  1. i have liners in near mint condition repainted several times!!!!
  2. we have more important things in owr life to do than to copy your experimental...never mass produced never used in the field jacket...even if we do it we cannot fool anyone!!! by the way have you any idea how difficult is to put in reproduction a M65 jacket? any M65 jacket....you need some thousands of $$$$ we can better invest on more important things thanx
  3. we are not fakers...we are colectors
  4. vintage reproduction pls keep your jacket for your self-i honestly dont wanna see that jacket nor to make copies of it...keep it for your self & sleep with it
  5. inland liners.."even infantry ones" its getting impossible to find nowdays...i understand that they are indeed very rare...but 622 bucks for a liner with cut off straps?!!! para liners are supposedly desirable just for those A-frames- is'nt way too much??? just wonder
  6. i like the two sadam husseins plastic M1s with the leaf cammo!!!
  7. there are two kinds of fanatic bidders...the experts & the clueless...the two extrems...just see how stupid questions some ppl asking to see how clueless they are...some asking if he can add a rank on the front hole!!! how stupid question & how crazy bidder...*no sir...you cannot add a rank...no promotion for you...stay private...you never gonna be a corporal...
  8. i dont know what to say or what to think...is just the point of view...i'm never gonna give that money for this item bc that's just my nature...but on the other hand....last summer i checked a big quantity of WWII liners that sudenly poped up in the market...they were over 200 liners...all infantry staff no para...do ya know how many inland made ones i discovered?...one!!!! just one!! one in horrible condition with cracks...suspension torn of badly..etc...so now just think how rare an airborne inland liner can be & how many ppl desperately looking for one...even one with the A-frames cut
  9. you passed the nep strap through the small buckles the wrong way...you 1st pass it through the teethed slot & after to the other plain slot for a proper adjustment or your strap will start sliding & you'll loose the adjustment
  10. postwar for sure...unit decals were standard in the 50s & 60s but i dont know witch unit is this
  11. how can be sure that the guy who'll pm you he's not a faker? your logic is not logical show us your jacket...or not show to anyone...that makes a sense
  12. china! all that nylon staff is made in china nowdays...no doubth
  13. it's not the last variant...it's okay for nam from 1969 & later...i think the very last model was an all nylon one...not just the nylon pockets as yours...
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