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    US military items of the 20th century.

    Looking for items related to the Aleutian Island Campaign during WW2, more specifically the Battle of Attu, items from the 50th Combat Engineer Regiment/Battalion, WW2 items from service members who were from Northern Virginia, and items related to Wheelus Air Force Base Lybia, particularly from 1958-1960.

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  1. I saw this one on eBay too, it was under the title "USMC Women's Dress Blues" if i remember correctly. I thought it was pretty good, although the patch made me raise an eyebrow too. What does the outline on the inside of the sleeve look like if you put the jacket inside out? The shoulder patches don't seem to match the wear of the jacket as much I believe. Hunt
  2. These are super cool! Looks like they could use a nice archival frame! Thanks for sharing! Hunt
  3. Wow Nice! Those are really cool! I wonder if it is depression era done? Lining List: Olive Drab Black silk/fabric White with stripes -- (Blue, Red?) Coin Bag Pockets Clown?
  4. What do the words under the star say? Looks like an M in white and then some other stuff? Looks like it might be post war, backyard war kinda marking. Hunt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Welcome to the forum! What part of Virginia are you from? Hunt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I'll have to dig out and take a picture of the whistle on my 77th Infantry Division WW2 MP Dress Coat I have! Hunt
  7. That is a very interesting lining! I have seen some other interesting linings, mostly striped ones that look kinda like bedsheets/pillow sheets. I guess it would be a good idea to make a list of known linings? I guess in order of most commonly seen I know of: OD Lining (standard manufacturers) Black Lining White with Stripes lining Clown? Lining Would love to hear about some more interesting lining! Hunt
  8. Wow nice photos! And the white paint matches nicely with your helmet! Thanks for sharing! Hunt
  9. Wow! That is cool! Any pictures of this in use by US MPs? Is the helmet named? Hunt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Interesting, that would make sense. Was the EIB only authorized for wear by infantry soldiers? Also do any of the documents note any requirements for the EIB? Maybe he didn’t wear the EIB chaise he hadn’t received the physical award yet? Where are the photos you have of him taken? Thanks Hunt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hello, Looking for information on the wear of the EIB in WW2/the immediate post-war occupation period (1945-1949). I'm wondering what the qualifications were to earn and wear the EIB, how common was it worn, did non-infantry branch personnel have an opportunity to earn it or still wear it if they no longer were in an infantry unit, and just any general information on its use in the ww2/immediate post-war era. Thanks Hunt
  12. Nice helmet, especially for a first pickup M1! My helmet was much much worse haha! With a name, a story, and some nice markings on the helmet makes this a nice one! Not exactly sure what the "ZU" would be for though? Hunt
  13. It is, but not super uncommon. While the relative date of the seam moving to the back is November 1944 if I remember correctly, it wouldn't be unheard of for manufacturers to continue production a little bit later. Not sure exactly when 1104D would date to, but I believe it would probably be late 1944. Hunt
  14. From the patches and ribbon bar I'm guessing he was stateside throughout the war. WIth the AA patch i would think he might be some sort of Coast Artillery group, but the Artillery collar disc, he probably was in some other unit. Nice little group, do you have a name to go with it? Stateside stuff is still interesting IMO. Hunt
  15. That would match up with everything else! Nice, US produced shell. Hunt
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