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  1. Thanks you so much.....when I purchase these wings in about 10 days, I will post them and advise you. Excellent work.
  2. I have seen WWI Provost Marshal EM collar discs. I have never seen PM collar insignia like this. So the PM could be something else.
  3. I have a chance to aquire these two wings but they are mounted so I can't see the backs. The one on top is a pin back and perhaps the other is also. I can not find out anything about Lt. Freeman Gault. So do the wings at face value look good? And can someone research Gault? Thanks so much...
  4. A beret from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Unit was with the grouping. Does this fit together belonging to the same soldier?
  5. I was at a Flea Market yesterday and found two SFOD patches, both with airborne tabs. I had never see any. I know reproductions are around, not these.
  6. It is my understanding these wings were issued officially in 1963. But with the H-H markings they appear to be made post WWII.. Can someone help me with a more precise history of them?
  7. The dates for the reenactment are April 12 -14, 2019. It is a fun event.
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