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  1. The Marine Raiders wore burlap covered helmets in WWII.
  2. M422A1

    Repo Cap???

    Yep, it is a repro but for five bucks I would buy just to wear when working in the yard!
  3. Yes, Swiss as others have already said. The Bundeswehr used a similar pattern for a very short period of time but their camo didn't have the white spots in it. I had one of the German jackets but sold it a year or two ago.
  4. I had a helmet with a cover like that about 25-30 years ago. I bought out a guy at a gun show and the helmet was part of the haul. It didn't have the elastic so it was tucked between the helmet & liner. I had never seen one like it before. I kept it in my collection for about 10 years. Sorry, no pictures.
  5. And apparently the author has written an updated version of it:
  6. Here is a good book about the sinking of the Thresher, I read it many years ago:
  7. M422A1

    Sterling Mace

    Sad news... RIP Sterling.
  8. I agree with M1Garandy. I was a 2311 (Ammo Tech) when I was in the Marines and I saw a lot of ammo cans, inside & out, and they appeared to be painted the same, inside & out. This would have been 83-89 timeframe. I would imagine it was a type of epoxy paint because it was quite durable.
  9. Why can't I find stuff like that! Nice!
  10. I found a WWII bandage made in my hometown of Greenville, SC. Never knew they made them there. Now, whenever I see a bandage for sale, I check to see where it was made. I have found 5 or 6 so far and if the price is right, I buy them.
  11. When I was at P.I. for basic training in 1983, we were not given our EGA's for our Alpha's until we were forming up across the street from the parade deck right before graduation. We were hurrying to get them on before we marched across the street. I can imagine things were much crazier in 1942.
  12. Moderators, if this story does not meet the guidelines of this site, please delete it and you have my apologies. But it is true, it did happen and it was funny! My funny story happened at Parris Island when I was going through basic training. The squad bays are arranged with two rows of racks (one down each side) so when you get up in the morning you have two lines of recruits facing each other at attention to count off. You would be standing in your t-shirt & skivvies. The skivvies had a slit in the front with no button or snap to close it. One morning when
  13. I almost didn't post the last picture but I am glad that I did. Without it, these pictures would not have been correctly identified.
  14. If the canteen is real U.S.G.I., there should be a date on the bottom.
  15. Okay, the place that I got the pictures from said they were Marine Raiders training. I guess that was wrong.
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