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  1. Hi Everyone, Trying to get info on this sailor's ID. His full name was William A. Childrey (middle name may be Albert). Service number 835-76-77 Thanks for your help.
  2. There are four air craft embroidered in the front of this suit. I believe I have 3 of them correct. Top center plane appears to be a OV-10 Bronco. Middle right appears to be an A-37 Dragonfly. Bottom center appears to be an A-10 Warthog. What is the center left air craft. It's a twin boom with center nacelle and it appears to have a push-pull or push propeller. Thanks in advance.
  3. Found this but there was no description with the image. Notice the pin in the center. Anchor with ASR. All the surrounding pins are UK related. The mystery deepens.
  4. Thanks Hunt. The only thing I learned was my UV light needed new batteries. The light did help but not enough. It still looks like S.A. Sec. S.A. Section? Possibly 3.A. Sec. Perhaps a unit within the 25th Inf. Div.
  5. It stands for ARMY SCRIPTURE READERS. This should be a start for you. I saw a badge that sold for 70 dollars back around 2013. British?
  6. Hi Everybody, I found this yesterday and was trying to decipher the writing on the back of the pouch. Top line reads: Clarke. Bottom line reads: 25th Inf Div. The middle line is not readable to me. What do you see? S.A. Sec? B.A. Sec? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  7. I concur with Scott too. I thought the guy looked a little young to be a CW Vet but I wanted it to be what it wasn't. Thanks.
  8. Back when I subscribed to North South Civil War Trader they ran a story about these around the early 1990s. The coins are cast and not real. About a month later a friend called me and was so excited because he found a confederate ID disk. When I asked him if the guys name was Dorsey Pender you could hear the wind leaving his sails. He paid around 150 dollars for the faux piece.
  9. I found this framed group and needed help to ID my Vet. The medal on the left was a First Defense Washington medal given to the volunteers who cam to protect Washington before US Troops could take guard. I read that these guys came from Pennsylvania and the 25th Regiment. This consisted of members from the Logan Guard, Ringgold Light Artillery, Washington Artillerist, National Light Infantry and the Allen Infantry. The medal on the rightt is a GAR medal. The photo in the center shows a young man wearing his uniform converted for the Knights of Pythias. His shoulder boards and hat device bear the Lily used with the K of P. This piece looks like it was framed in the late 1870s. The back, has written in pencil the name WALTER WADE DAVIS. I'm assuming that's who this Vet is. I have been unable to get any other information on this soldier. Any ideas or information you can add would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Any ideas on this one? Order Of Military Cadets N.J. (New Jersey?). 3 3/8 inches tall, 3 inches wide and twill (gauze) back. Thanks.
  11. I was leaning towards repro. 98 percent of the stuff he had was repro. The non-repro stuff he had was common stuff. I'm in the pin for 7 dollars. I will list it as a copy. Thanks.
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