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  1. During WWII he flew a Catalina PBY and was credited with sinking Japanese freighter/cargo ships. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  2. I know what I'm reading but couldn't find much information on the Torpedo handling Boom. Was this used for loading torpedos on the ship, load torpedos into a launching device or used for launching. The aluminum plate measures 2 inches x 4 inches. I was USCG and we didn't have torpedos when I was in. At least none that I knew of. However, we did have rifled muskets. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Got these items earlier this week. Apparently, there were no other items pertaining to this officers estate other than the few things I received. I do have the O2 mask and an H.H. gold filled smaller set of USN wings. His name was John David Warner. The intereting American Legion ROTC Medal is dated 1938 and has his name. I'm guessing he was born around 1925. Any thoughts or comments? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your input copdoc. Here is the engraving. Maybe it was an engineers last name. This is all I found on it. No other marking.
  5. Thanks opus5150 & Kaptainssurplus, It's definitely a training device. It is signed with an engraving tool at the rear of the center aluminum piece. It was signed VASS. Not sure if that's someone's name connected to the mortars development or a long lost previous owner. Not sure why an owner would sign his device. The Pinochio nose add on is different.
  6. This is 100 percent inert. The cone is solid aluminum and pushed into place. The cone has no threads. The body is hollow. The bottom unscrews. Total length is 22 7/8 inches. The diameter is approximately 84 or 85mm. Perhaps a training device? RPG of some type? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Fixed the duplicate post in the Military Buttons thread! Happy New Year!

  8. Two great books. Be sure to ignore the price values in the Albert's book. Those were a long time ago. Also, there are some changes. One is the button attributed to Transylvania University is actually Norfolk Military Academy considered to be a Confederate button.
  9. According to the 'American Military Button Makers And Dealers; Their Backmarks & Dates' book, all Jacob Reed buttons are post civil war. If you don't have this book, I highly recommend it. This book goes hand in hand with the Albert's Button Book.
  10. Not sure on model. The half I have only has stamped LOT 1878. I don't think it's an M1907. Was this for training purposes? Any ideas on value? Thanks.
  11. Great stuff. I saw that piece of hard tack and now I'm hungry.
  12. Reminds me of an old Sanford & Son episode. Grady had wild parsley growing in his garden but Lamont and Rollo new what it marijuana. Rollo said he'd get rid of it and Lamont said we should burn it. Rollo said "That's what I had in mind."
  13. I found this and have been unable to get any information on S. Mars. The package is marked NYC. That's about all I know. The USCG chief's device is stamped STERLING but has no other marks. I'm guessing late 1950s or into the early 1960s. Anybody have more information? Thanks.
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