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  1. No I don't know for sure. Frank Trzaska would probably be the only person in the world who would be able to tell you. I am pretty sure they came after the KA-BAR Mark 2's blade marked "KA-BAR - USN MK2".
  2. It has the common dark Parkerized blade finish and a rectangular peened pommel. It is often referred to as the “double marked” KA-BAR. It is shown on page 365 in Bill Walters book. Frank Trzaska talks about this KA-BAR Mark 2 variation in his August 2006 Knife World article “The USN Mark 2”. I did not know it existed until I read his article. I was on the hunt then and found my first one in February 2007.
  3. The Conetta Manufacturing Company was located in Stamford, Connecticut. Frank Trazka wrote an excellent article about "The Post War Combat Mark 2" in the January 2005 issue of Knife Magazine that includes detailed information about the Conetta Manufacturing Company. The blade finish on the MIL-K-20227 Conetta is Parkerized. Good reference books are the M.H. Cole books, Silvey WWII Book, and Bill Walters big book.
  4. Looks like a post war Kutmaster commercial knife. See ebay 143635115634.
  5. That is a WWII sheath, most are stamped Boyt / 43 under the keeper. Bill Walters states in his book, pages 367 & 369 that this is a rare variation sheath that is only stamped "U.S.N." on the throat. I attached some pictures of one of my KA-BAR knives like that one.
  6. If the sheath is a WWII sheath I think probably an error unless it is a 1-piece leather sheath.
  7. I am pretty sure the grooves are cut in the handle. I have a WWII KA-BAR guard marked USN Mark 2 with an extra groove. I think just a random problem in the groove cutting. More pictures of your knife would be helpful.
  8. I think condition is more important than rarity. Over the years I have sold most of my lesser knives.
  9. There are many variations of WWII KA-BAR's marked only on one side, sometimes called "blank blades". The ones marked "KA-BAR" can be found with dark Parkerized or light grey Parkerized, (Bonderized), blade finish and with both round peened and rectangular peened thick pommels. There is also a version marked "KA-BAR / OLEAN, N.Y." with light grey, (Bonderized), blade finish and a round peened thick pommel, (probably one with a rectangular peened thick pommel but I do not have one yet). Some variations are harder to find than others but I would not say they are rare. As for desirable it depends on the person collecting I guess. I like the Bonderized blade finish KA-BAR Mark 2's and 1219C2's. First picture shows KA-BAR-blank-Bonderized, second KA-BAR / OLEAN, N.Y.-blank-Bonderized, and third picture KA-BAR-blank-Parkerized.
  10. Frank is the best! There is wealth of Military knife information on his website. Even more information if you read any of his magazine articles.
  11. Yes. A bunch of these were found in the old Anderson homestead basement around 2002 I think. Frank Trzaska tells the story about them, "The Continuing Saga of the Anderson's", about 3/4 the way through his "Knife Knotes 7". http://www.usmilitaryknives.com/knife_knotes_7.htm
  12. Nice one. Frank Trazska wrote some excellent articles about Anderson knives. June 2006 in Knife World Magazine, December 2015 in Knife Magazine, and his Knife Knotes Part VII. I just took a group picture of mine today. I really like the WWII sword knives from both the known and unknown makers.
  13. Look like Western Sharks.
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