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  1. My Case straight guard M3. It is the same as the one shown on page 45 of Bill Walters M3 book.
  2. I could be wrong but I think the sheath is OK.
  3. A nice example of that early red spacer Robeson Mark 2 is pretty hard to find.
  4. I really like the Western G46-8" but I never paid near that much for one. I have noticed the really good knives have been going for a premium lately.
  5. There are differences in the shades Parkerization but the light grey Parkerization, (Bonderization), and dark Parkerization are indeed two different variations. The three different finishes are shown in Bill Walters new book. I believe the Bonderized blade finish uses a zinc phosphate process and the Parkerized blade finish uses an iron or manganese process. The Bonderized blade finish KA-BAR knives were only made for a short time. Blued was the first blade finish, then Bonderized, and last Parkerized. Below is a 2015 Forum post by Frank Trzaska: Me
  6. A group of six WWII KA-BAR 1219C2 knives showing the three different blade finishes used during the war. All six knives are a different variation of the many variations of the WWII KA-BAR USMC 1219C2 knife. The first two knives have a blued blade finish. The second two knives have the light grey Parkerized, (Bonderized), blade finish. The last two knives have the dark Parkerized blade finish.
  7. Looks good to me. If the blade is a full 7 1/4" I would think it would be in the $1800.00 and up category. The tip is very fragile and many have been broken and shortened.
  8. I know of no KA-BAR, Pal, or Robeson Mark 2 or 1219C2 knives that were made chrome plated during WWII. Camillus did make a chrome plated guard marked 1219C2 during WWII. It is shown on page 395 of Bill Walters book. Frank also mentions it in his January 2006 article in Knife World, "The USMC 1219C2 Of WWII, Part 2". "They made the guard marked chrome plated knives for the Naval Advanced Base units...".
  9. All good points. Some Camillus Mark 1's came in a foldover sheath with 3 rivets. Could be a Camillus Mark 1 sheath?
  10. The Western G46-6" Shark fighting knife was both USMC and USN issue. Here is one in the Shark "foldover" sheath. This is what looks like the knife in the picture to me.
  11. There is one on eBay now, way overpriced. It has been listed a very long time. 164291760035
  12. It is a WWII Ben Rocklin knife, J sticker. I attached an article from the May 27, 1945 issue of Yank magazine and an ad from the July 1945 issue of Field & Stream. I wish I could buy a dozen of them at the $7.49 COD Field & Stream price.
  13. My WWII 6" Parkerized and Polished KA-BAR Commando's.
  14. I love the identified WWII knives. This is one of my most interesting. The "Oklahoma Kid".
  15. I only have this one individual picture of the Ithaca. It is pictured in Scott Meadows book. I can get them back out and take some individual pictures if you like.
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