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    Anything related to WWII gliders and pilots, uniforms, photos, etc. I am also looking for 8th AF B-17 crew uniforms and gear. Interested in Eisenhower's D-Day letter as well.

    I interviewed WWII veterans for over 14 years and I am now trying to put together a full display of photos and uniforms to go with the interviews I have. Here are a few....

    80th FG Reunion (P-38)- Glen Hope, Robbie Roberts and W. Freeburg
    101st Ab Div veterans signing prints w/Ted Vetland
    Pearl Harbor ceremony- NMNA Dec 7, 2013
    SSMA group tour at the Mighty Eighth Museum
    Walkthrough B-17, B-24 & P-51 (Feb 24, 2009)
    Al Perdeck- USS Bunker Hill (2 videos)
    Archie Cosby- USS Hancock CV-19 (4 videos)
    Bartow Dell- USS New Jersey
    Ben Hur Busbee- USS Honolulu- PH Survivor (2 videos)
    Bert Honchell- 147th Combat Engineers (2 videos)
    Bill Royer- USS Lexington Quad 15 (2 videos) Drawing on 2nd video @7 minutes
    Brady Owens- 507th PIR
    Charles Shiff- 363rd FG- P-51 Pilot (2 videos)
    Clarence Goad- 1st Div 26 INF I Co POW (3 videos)
    Clinton Longenecker, Jr.- 81st Chem. Mortar BN
    Dick Kruse- 332nd Gen Service Reg.
    Ed Horton Jr.- Doolittle Raider crew #10 gunner (2 videos)
    Edward Hallo- A Co 501st PIR
    Edwin Phillips- 66th Infantry Div (2 vidoes)
    Emerson Smith- USS Bunker Hill (2 videos)
    Enie Bratton- USS Kitkun Bay CVE-71- VC-63
    Fred Lewis- 204th AAA Batt
    Gene Pribbenow- Merchant Marine -Tug MV Farallon (2 videos)
    Gene Hanson- VT-8 Torpedo Sq 8- TBF Avenger Plt
    George Austin- 8th AF 486th BG- B-17 pilot (4 videos)
    George DeRidder- 81st Div 323 Inf- Cook
    George Koskimaki- HQ 506th PIR
    George Owens- 38th Inf
    George Roberts- 306th BG- SSMA Reunion
    Guy Snyder- 316th TCG Glider Pilot
    Herbert Leopold- 446th BG- B-24 Bombardier (2 videos) DFC, last 3 minutes photo on American Air Museum Britain
    Herman Molen- 305th BG- SSMA Reunioin

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  1. Looking for opinions on this set of J.R. Gaunt wings. Thanks guys!
  2. Just purchased this set of J.R. Gaunt.
  3. I was suspicious at first but the more I would research into the wings, the more convinced I got. I am by no means an expert either. This is my first set of J.R. Gaunt wings as well, I know that they are not very common, but I have seen other types of wings converted by placing a bullet or a bomb over the original mark. The original wing seems very original to me and the 'G' emblem matches other glider wings I have. Do you have a set of wings where the original was replaced? I'd love to see any photos you have. Would love to see any other glider wings you have as well. I'm hoping to build a collection if possible.
  4. A pair of pin back glider pilot wings made by J.R. Gaunt, London. Notice originally a set of observer wings, this one has had the "G" glider shield emblem placed over the "O."
  5. I really like these gunner bullion wings, however I am curious about the tan cloth between the blue combat backing and the wings??
  6. I really like the bullion gunner wings presented on this combat backing, however I am curious as to why there would be tan cloth underneath the bullion?
  7. I know I'm a little late to this party, but I have been wondering about this over the past few months. It seems like maybe the star emblem on the CG-4A's may have been different dimensions. Were the stars on the wings different sizes compared to the star on the hull? Also, since different manufacturers made those gliders, maybe they each had their own specs on how big to paint them?
  8. Absolutely love the footlocker and uniform. Nice find. Was there no other information in the footlocker about what TCG he may have been with? I don't see his name on the glider pilot association biographies.
  9. Wonderful grouping! Really like the art on the suitcase. Thank you for posting.
  10. Thank you very much Cap! I really appreciate all of the great information on each one. I don't have a lot of expertise on helmets so this is great. Now I just need to find one or two WWII liners.
  11. Thank you! I need to do a little research on these, but very happy with what I have.
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