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  1. Does this one stand a chance at being an original WWII period piece? I apologize for the poor pictures. They are the best I can get for now. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  2. I put together another mannequin with a the jacket, pair of A-9 pants, boots and helmet. I know the boots are not probably correct. I need to find a pair like what he would have worn. Anyone have any ideas what they would have been?
  3. I almost forgot to post the pictures of the B-10 I picked up a number of years ago. It is in pretty good condition. It took me a while to find a 318th patch. I had the jacket put together and took it over to Dan. He had always talked about how they never wore their A-2s in the cockpit. He always wore a B-10. When he saw the jacket with the patch, he was speechless. Somewhere I have a picture of him wearing it. I am not sure about the patch as to whether or not it is war period. If my memory serves me correct, I picked it up on EBay. It does not glow. So it is something I put togethe
  4. So the correct WWII designation for this jacket would have been M-422? So I am guessing this was a replacement for him after the war.
  5. So it appears he could have served first with the VB-135, which explains the patch being on the chest and then transferred to VP-23 and added their patch to his shoulder.
  6. So here is what I found on VP-5. This squadron is/was nicknamed the "Blnd Foxes". For over seven decades, the command now recognized as Patrol Squadron FIVE (VP-5) has served the cause of freedom. From ocean to ocean, the Sailors and aviators who comprised this squadron’s rolls helped build a record of Maritime Patrol Aviation (MPA) warfighting excellence and extraordinary professional achievement and service. Commissioned in 1937 and initially designated as VP-17, the Navy's second oldest VP squadron flew and maintained the PM-1. In part because the squadron operated predominately
  7. So it sounds like I need to try and figure out his service history? See how long he served and what years.
  8. As you can see, the names are on the bottom of the picture. I am assuming CDR Smith is the one on the bottom left front row? There is a lot of neat history with this squadron. A detachment of squadron aircraft at Midway participated in the patrols searching for the Japanese invasion force expected from the intercepted radio traffic. VP-23 planes were the first to sight and report the location of the Japanese fleet on 6 June 1942 which ultimately led to the famous carrier battles at Midway. The date on the picture lines up with the squadron's history. On 20 June 1944, the squadron flew th
  9. I found this picture of VP-23 pilots. As you can see, the names are on the bottom of the picture. I am assuming CDR Smith is the one on the bottom left front row?
  10. I am not sure what this patch represents. Anyone have any ideas? It looks like some sort of sub hunter patch?
  11. I picked this jacket up locally from CDR Smith's daughter along with his wings. She said this was all that was left from his service in WWII.
  12. As many of you know, Patrol Squadron 23 flew PBYs. Their involvement in WWII started on 7 December 1941 when eight of squadron's aircraft were destroyed on Ford Island.
  13. I ordered a small 5'6" mannequin from Yanks Mannequins. I have a couple others of these high quality mannequins, but they are the standard size and they looked a little too big. I wanted to see how the smaller ones looked. Dan was about 5'7". His uniform fits well and I think it looks great!.
  14. Thanks for all the comments. I have a number of groupings, but this is only one of two that belong to someone I know. My other one is a simple grouping from my uncle (who is the guy I use as my Avatar on this forum) SSgt Harold "Gunner" Tenneson. My uncle "Gunner" was a tail gunner in the 8th AF, 385th BG, 550th squadron. He was another one of my heroes and the reason I became so interested in military history. I will post more pictures in the coming days.
  15. Yes...he continued to fly with the Air Guard, Civil Air patrol and as a private pilot. His family kept a couple of Lugers he brought back, his watch and medals.
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