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    USAAF & WEHRMACHT uniforms collector
  1. Searching online, I found a similar or equal.
  2. Thanks my friends for help. I think the zipper is not sewn in the center, but the angle of vision shows the error. Unfortunately, the jacket is not in my possession, it is a future purchase that I would like to add to my collection. This jacket is in England for sale. I have asked the seller to show me the interior and its label.
  3. Hi, my friends. I don't have much experience with this type of jacket, what do you think about it. Is it a war pilot jacket? Is it the typical manufactured at the end of the war 44-45? Regards.
  4. Looking I found an airplane similar to the one painted on the jacket, could it belong to group 92 of the bombing?
  5. hello for all The final purchase price was $ 1000. The jacket is in perfect condition, size 42 and the leather is flexible with the zipper works perfectly only There is some moth damage on the cuffs and the waist band and a hole in the lining on the left chest. I think it's a good purchase for my collection. Regards.
  6. Thank you very much!!! Is the system that assigns the laundry number the same for a soldier as for an officer?
  7. How could you identify with the laundry id? Thank you friends for your opinions!!!
  8. Hi my friends What do you think about this A 2, its price is around $1400, is it a good buy? Regards.
  9. Hello, I want to add to my collection my first hunter and been looking at this, what do you think? originality, restoration and price. Price 1395$ Regards.
  10. Is a jacket for 100th bomb group? I not found info about this patch.
  11. Thank you guy for replying, this jacket is in auction during 16 hours from now on and costs $570. Armand.
  12. Hello, I am not very knowledgeable in pilot A-2 type jackets and I would like to have one in my collection, what do you think about this ... is it original and ww2 period? thanks in avanced!
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