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  1. I have those same ones and I believe they’re army issued. There was a previous topic on these with flage guy posting his comparing both these and usmc made ones. Unfortunately I can’t find th topic to link. I believe the usmc contracted ones were made by S.F.Co with rounded strap tips. I no it’s not concrete but I hope this helps. -Raul
  2. I picked up this patch today and was hoping to get some help figuring out if it’s junk or real. It has a plastic sheet style backing to. Thank you guys!
  3. Did a lead test on the painted area on the helmet and got a positive result for lead. Would this increase chances of it being original?
  4. Today I picked up a navy beachmaster painted M1 helmet. The liner and shell are unmatched since the rust spots don’t match up but I wanted to authenticate the marking. It looks like originally it was white then over painted yellow. I’ve had an equal amount of people tell me it’s real and others say it’s fake so I thought I’d ask you guys. Sorry I don’t have very many pictures as I’m not a helmet guy and I’m using an iPhone. Any help appreciated!
  5. Hey nice belt! It’s a standard Vietnam era m56 web belt
  6. I hope this helps, I could offer some pictures and more help if you’d like
  7. For hue iI’ve seen most of the marines wearing the navy foul weather jacket under their m1955 vest, this will almost guarantee that aesthetic. As far as packs go the majority I’ve seen in pictures is the m1941 roll top pack.
  8. M61 web belt with all the snaps running along it for the m61 m14 magazine pouches. Two m1910 style canteen covers, jungle first aid, 3 cell grenade pouch, and the usmc wwii style suspenders in OD
  9. Hey Jake, do you have a picture or share where you got the information about the press i would love to see it to share with other fellow collectors
  10. Ive been down to Santa Clara to visit my family multiple times and always pass by. Never took a second to look around. Thank you for sharing sir. Thank you to all our veterans -Raul
  11. Hey great looking case! If you have an ancestry account you can look him up through the marine corps muster rolls. I would help but I canceled my account for awhile. Someone else with access to ancestry might be able to help though!
  12. All the Boyt made packs are marked that way on the inside. Completely normal (: and bottom knapsack is a dept made riveted 1st pattern. Great pickups! As to difference in color, it varies from level of wear and makers. The knapsacks were usually stored on the ships while marines fought on land so they didnt get used as much.
  13. Tarawa setup I did(no p42s sadly) It makes me really happy to look at this setup. Most of the field gear is from Glenn M. Stoddard’s grouping. Stoddard served with H&S battery 10th marines, 2nd marine division on Tarawa, Saipan, and Tinian. His gear consists of a D-ring haversack with matching knapsack, engraved canteen and cup, canteen cover, suspenders, and cartridge belt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you, it was actually an idea I got from one of the display ideas threads. Unfortunately I dont remember which one
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