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  1. A Air Medal named to a Harry B. Emigh was sold on E-Bay a few weeks ago....it has reappeared as a Navy Air Medal with an attached Star. Seller: medal_mulisha_store
  2. Yet another great piece of WW2 history! Much appreciated by us fellow members! Gary
  3. Really tugs at your heart strings..........
  4. :w00t: That is excellent! I can really appreciate this being from Maine! I have decent number of medals from my native state. Thanks for posting! Gary
  5. Very sobering to read of these men.....their sacrifice. It is good that a Purple Heart, a mere symbol, will be carried on in the future by us and all appreciative people who will remember the past and future generations......
  6. Tom the Bookkeeper is always an interesting read! Thanks for this information that you will not find in any book ie. "Call of Duty"
  7. :w00t: Great grouping all awarded 1949. The signatures of "Bull" Halsey and Wainwright are outstanding! Gary
  8. Outstanding grouping. The U-219 was a XB boat [minelaying] only a handful was made. This boat had either the twin or quad 20mm anti-aircraft guns. [deadly] Many a P-47 pilot was lost to these guns!
  9. :pinch: Very suspicous: enough for me to stay away.....
  10. All done. Finished at $1500.00 Nice round figure..........
  11. Tom, I knew you would have some records and input on this #DFC. We will have to call you the "bookkeeper" from now on....btw, you would think a low numbered DFC like this would have a name to go along with it. Gary
  12. Thanks, Kurt, page 157 "The Call of Duty" book. T never knew what this particular medal was worth because I`ve never seen one for sale! I`ll keep a hawk eye on this one....Gary
  13. :w00t: This is on E-Bay now along with some other great medals. RED54GDA is the seller. Is he from this foum? $750.00 is the going price. Love to have that one! Gary
  14. :w00t: Jack, doesn`t get much better. Intoxicating liquor.....isn`t all liquor intoxicating? My uncle was the recipient of the Silver Star [i own now] in the Korean War. He was busted at one point for telling an officer where to go.......nobody is perfect! Gary
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