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    WW2, VN. Anything with historical significance, particularly identified groupings, items which bring history alive!

    Judging by what I've been collecting, I suppose my primary interests are WW2 airborne and special forces (all types, all eras), medals with history... trying to focus!

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  1. Interesting discussion. This whole area is new to me. Did GI clothing use the tack buttons on OD-107s, or is that one of the give-aways of a commercial piece?
  2. Just ran across this topic. Really super grouping, impressive and heartbreaking for only 5 months into his tour. Is there a way to find up the citations for the Silver Star and the "V" device?
  3. The book appears to be self-published (Publisher: Arlington, MA : J.A. FitzMaurice, 2006), and maybe very few copies ever existed? An unfortunate situation that I've seen before. Maybe a family member knows something.
  4. Incredible find and research - thank you for sharing!
  5. I had my eyes on that one, too, but it got away from me. I'm glad that it went to a good home - congratulations! That is very interesting info about the precedence of NASA ribbons. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  6. Nice find - lots of character. And a beautiful liner for sure!
  7. Incredible grouping! I love those decorated helmets, and to have them attributed with the grouping is special.
  8. Your items are very nicely displayed - well done.
  9. Very nice. Can you post pictures from the album, and of “The Box Score”? Sad story, though, which I’ve seen before.
  10. I read this book a number of years ago and agree completely with your assessment (as you spelled out in a later post).
  11. That is a super grouping. Im very happy you were able to keep the grouping together.
  12. Congratulations, you too. This would probably qualify as my favorite grouping ever (and that is saying something).
  13. I don’t really understand starting the bidding at 100K - what riff-raff are they trying to keep out? But what do I know? I typically drop out when the bids reach 25K
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