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  1. My grenade has the drilled bottom hole
  2. I know it I was lucky
  3. I know it’s WW2 1944 dated that’s why I jumped on it and so is the grenade
  4. Chemical treated for secret messages? By Germans?
  5. I know 4 snap was earlier but what was the 3 snap used for? Amphibious invasion too? Why go from 4 to 3?
  6. US Navy Corpsmans scalpels for 450 bag
  7. 1945 Cincinnati Reds signed plus what kind of armband? For a sports team? Definitely war time thx
  8. I stole the table 54x30 and 18” high for 75.00 which it’s 10 times that now and the heavy ships wheel was a gift from the guy I worked for from Maine
  9. Out of the woodwork on one, one bought 40 years ago in CT
  10. Would he take 100.00 cash US? I have such a place for it
  11. God I always hated dug up relics but that’s amazing I’d love it
  12. Great items, I collect E excellence pins in silver too! SA is a beautiful piece
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