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  1. Plus the crate has been painted over it’s original usage is under paint
  2. I appreciate the help, it did contain HMX and I was wondering where it came from
  3. OSS museum wants it donated
  4. This crate contained the chemical HMX used to make HE and the OSS delivered it to Chinese resistance that let the Japanese capture it once mixed with flour. it’s edible and residue is in the crate. once the Japanese captured it and baked with it...at a certain temperature KABOOM
  5. Yes late for cavalry so it’s cool
  6. Very nice my son was at Pendleton from 2008-2012 and my younger son at Lejuene from 2012-2016
  7. I thought this was an interesting find
  8. I have a set of sterling wings that needs an oval and I found this oval today. It had wings once so I’ll add mine. any idea if it can be identified? Unit?
  9. Thanks and not bad for 20.00
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