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  1. Thanks all. Another plus for using these footlockers is that they're easy to transport of store all the items in.
  2. Footlockers are great as elaborate display cases. The one in the photo I created for a Battle of the Bulge display last December. I made a simple wooden frame with a sheet of plexiglass and some inexpensive led lighting. It just slides onto the tray holder inside so no damage is done to the actual footlocker.
  3. Hi Ryan, It looks like WWII issue. If you're selling this I'm definitely interested. Phipps was the 424/1BN C.O. prior to the 106th division's movement overseas. He was replaced by Lt. Col. Lamar Welch who led the battalion during the Battle of the Bulge. Greetings Carl
  4. This clip is actually from a Russian film series called 'Osvobozhdenie' which was released in Russia in 1970-71. Not one but five separate films which each focus on a different Eastern front campaign. They're all up on Youtube. The footage is from the first film 'Fire Bulge', which deals with the Kursk battle. Impressive Soviet scale production with fields filled with tanks and artillery and even some of those early T34/Tiger conversions. On many occasions it's also evident that the actors are firing live ammunition on the film set. A recreation of the July 20 assasination attempt on Hitle
  5. This is my M3 made by Guide Lamp. Greetings Carl
  6. I picked up this one a while back. Painted markings like the one Johan first posted. It is in mint condition with a sewn tag inside the bag. Made by Hinson, a well-known contractor during WWII. Carl
  7. Hi Shade, That's what I thought too. There seem to be plenty of examples of them being worn on IKE jackets but very few on field jackets apparently. It might also be interesting to note that the men in the photos were members of the signal company. Greetings, Carl
  8. Here are two interesting photos from my collection, both showing the tabs on the field jackets of NCO's of the 106th Infantry Division. Pictures taken at an award ceremony on January 20th, 1945 at Stavelot, Belgium. Also note the green backing of the stars on the shoulder of the General who is handing the medals. Greetings, Carl
  9. Thanks RC, I've been looking all over the internet, but haven't come up with much yet. If anyone has a picture of him in their collection, I'd love to see one. Carl
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a WWII era photo of Colonel Walter C. Phillips, Chief of Staff to General Short at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. Thanks! Carl
  11. Nice jacket Kurt! I'm pretty sure the two campaign stars are for the Rhineland and Ardennes campaigns. Most of the 423rd were credited for both. Greetings Carl
  12. Nice jacket :thumbsup: I like it!
  13. Very nice set-up. I love the guidons!
  14. I haven't been to Bastogne in a while but this Sherman from the Poteau museum has been there for several years. No attempts were made at restoring it, they had their hands full with the restoration of several other vehicles (the Stuart and an M8, as well as a Russian TD). They also had a Sherman turret that was used as a range target by the Belgian Army. The Sherman probably came from there also. Belgian Army used the Firefly as well as the 105mm version I believe. The one at Bastogne is perhaps undergoing restoration? That Hetzer (Swiss version) was on outside display for many years but n
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