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  1. Hello all, I have been trying to add more Vietnam bringbacks and fatigues to my collection, and I was recently able to purchase this mint unissued set of ARVN BDQ camo fatigues from the veteran who brought them home. I will withhold the veteran’s name for privacy sake. However, this man served in HQ and HQ Battery 2nd Field Force Artillery, mainly stationed on what he called the plantation compound, just outside of Bien Hoa. He told me that the munitions dump in Long Binh was visible from where he was. He was rear echelon, and many of those around him were officers, accor
  2. It is indeed! I cropped it for his privacy to post it
  3. This is INCREDIBLY helpful!!! I generally never find original VC or NVA flags, way too many fakes out there. But this cane directly from the veteran. So I couldn’t say no! I love artifacts where I can talk to the veteran! I am going to relay some of this info to him! if it helps, he did say this was for sure from a Viet Cong cache, and it wasn’t NVA. Also, yes this is a photo of the vet holding the flag. I cropped it for his privacy. this was all listed in ebay, and you’ll have to forgive me for being “that guy” but I was able to reach out and m
  4. Today, I was able to keep a local veteran’s artifacts together, and in the local area. This veteran served in the 716th MP from 1970-1971, and was stationed on Tan Son Nhut Air Base. This flag was captured near Nui Ba Din in a cache of Viet Cong weapons and supplies by elements of whom the veteran believed was the 25th Infantry Division. The cache was brought back to the base, and upon inventorying it, the veteran took the flag and put it in his pocket. He brought it and a pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals, which he got from a woman who did laundry for the base, back to the US upon his return
  5. Been looking for one of these! Very nice!
  6. Does anybody have access to 94th ID rosters?
  7. Do you still have the 86th ID grouping?

  8. Thanks guys! The family wasn’t going to sell the German buckles, but I asked If they had any German things, and boy am I glad I did!
  9. Hello all! I recently had my best yardsale find! A customer came into my work with a small newspaper add for a yardsale which listed, among other things, “WWII”. I decided to stop by the place before the sale started and talk with the people. Turns out, their father, James C o n y e r s, was in the 509th MP Bn. and was present for D-Day (although it sounds as though he was in some sort of anti-aircraft artillery for D-Day), liberated Buchenwald concentration camp, and was a guard at the Potsdam Conference. I believe the German bringbacks in the group were brought back by this gentlem
  10. Best of luck! I have been after one of these a long time
  11. Here is a photo of the man who brought back the above HP35
  12. Here is one in my collection! Notice the capture papers are filled out in March of 1945! It also came with a modified 1911 shoulder rig holster which I am sure is what he wore while driving truck. He was part of the Redball Express.
  13. I want to bump this back to the top! Lets see some more bring backs! On a side note, I am always looking to buy bringback weapons (as a re a few other guys on this thread!)
  14. It is quite possible! He was overseas from February 1945 until March 1946. He was Co. F 26th IR, so I would imagine this is a possibility. I wish I could figure out what regiment he served with in the 94th though.
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