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  1. Best of luck! I have been after one of these a long time
  2. Here is a photo of the man who brought back the above HP35
  3. Here is one in my collection! Notice the capture papers are filled out in March of 1945! It also came with a modified 1911 shoulder rig holster which I am sure is what he wore while driving truck. He was part of the Redball Express.
  4. I want to bump this back to the top! Lets see some more bring backs! On a side note, I am always looking to buy bringback weapons (as a re a few other guys on this thread!)
  5. It is quite possible! He was overseas from February 1945 until March 1946. He was Co. F 26th IR, so I would imagine this is a possibility. I wish I could figure out what regiment he served with in the 94th though.
  6. Yes they are! This man loved his custom made insignia!
  7. I dont have good photos of the DIs at the moment, but here is what I have. Ill get more photos tonight. The DIs on the ike are screwbacks and the DI on the other uniform are theatre made. Some of the white enamel is chipped off
  8. Here is the back of the ike jacket CIB
  9. Hello all, Here is a beautiful 94th ID grouping right from the woodwork! I am unable to find out which regiment of the 94th this man served in, as his records were destroyed, so if anybody has any rosters, Id love some help! This is all named to Earl F. E v a n s. The uniforms feature a large amount of German made insignia. The most interesting part is the ike jacket. It was reissued to Earl, as it has another mans name and service number (as well as Earls), but the CIB actually has two screw back posts. This is the first example I have seen that is on a uniform. I was going to check the back for markings, but it has been on since the war, and it is quite a tight fit, so i decided against it. I hope you all enjoy seeing it as much as I do! Thanks, Cpl.
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